Monday, July 1, 2013

Flower Girl

Flower Girl
By Daring Diane

Chapter 1

Rebecca stood staring at the empty luggage carousel.  She knew friends that had lost their luggage, but it had never happened to her, until now.  She looked around and asked a clerk what she should do.  She was directed to the lost luggage reporting desk across from the carousels.  She pondered all of the business trips where she might have lost her luggage.  But no, here she was taking a few days off to be in her friend's wedding and now she had none of her personal items or her clothes.  Thank God her bridesmaid dress was here in town.  But, what was she going to wear for the rest of the week.  She needed to go shopping.  This was not a complication that she or June (the bride) needed in the midst of a wedding. 
Rebecca was completing the paperwork for her lost luggage report when she hard, “There you are, I've been looking all over for you.  What's holding us up Rebecca?” 
“Oh Molly, thank god for a friendly face.  The airline has lost my luggage.” Rebecca was exasperated. “I'm sorry for the delay.  It's nice to see you.”  Rebecca approached Molly, June’s older sister, and stretched up to give her a hug.  Molly bent down and they exchanged a friendly hug. 
Molly was taller than Rebecca at almost 5 foot ten inches tall.  Rebecca, at a little less than 5 feet, always wore heels to add to her height.  But even with heels, Molly was a good 8-10 inches taller. 
Rebecca had met and bonded with June’s sister Molly during the wedding planning visit this past summer.  Rebecca spent a 4 day weekend with June, her family and other bridesmaids getting measured and helping to iron out plans for the wedding.  Molly was the maid of honor and her daughter Marty was the flower girl in the wedding. 
Rebecca picked up her purse and the two women began to make their way out to the parking lot. 
“So, when will the airline get your luggage to you?”
“They say it usually comes in on the next plane.  If not on that plane, the chances of recovery decline pretty fast.  I just wish I had brought a carry-on bag.  I literally have nothing but the clothes on my back.”
“I'm sure your stuff will arrive later today or in the morning.  Until then, we'll find you something to wear back at the house.” 
“Thanks.  I appreciate you putting me up for the weekend.  June and your parents are obviously overwhelmed and the last thing they needed was a house guest.”
“It's no problem.  We have the room.  It will be great for everyone.”
After a twenty minute drive, they arrived at Molly and Bill Wilson's home. 
Molly mentioned to Rebecca that she was in for a surprise when they got to the house.  Molly indicated that Bill had redone their old guest room for Marty and that Marty's old room was now the guest room. 
“Bill, Marty we're back from the airport.  Come say hi to Rebecca.” 
Bill walked out of the kitchen.  “Hi Rebecca, how was your flight?”
“The flight was OK.  The luggage service leaves a lot to be desired.”
“I'll go get your luggage.”  Bill offered.
“No, that won't be necessary.  The airline assures me they will bring my luggage to your door, when they find it.”
“Ohhhh,” said Bill, almost apologetically.  He realized he had unknowingly stepped on a sore spot.
“Hi, Becky,” a youthful voice arrived.
Rebecca knew it was Marty by the use of her shortened name, but she was stunned as she turned and found herself looking up at 'little' Marty.  Marty had continued to use the name Becky when only June, her friend from school was supposed to use that name.  Rebecca bristled at its use but knew Marty only did it to irritate her.  But Marty was less than 5 feet tall last summer and she now towered over Rebecca.  “Wow, what happened to you?” she queried.
Molly answered her question, “Yes, it's a stunner.  She has grown over seven inches since last summer.  We had to buy her a whole new wardrobe and even had to replace her bed.  This is the surprise I mentioned.  I knew you would be surprised by the huge difference in her look.  Marty got height and some curves, referring to Marty's obvious breast development.”
Rebecca, trying to shake off the surprise said, “I guess I can't refer to you as little Marty anymore.”
Marty responded snidely, “No little Becky, I guess you can't.”
Rebecca sensed some hostility in Marty's response.  Rebecca had kidded Marty last summer, but she assumed there were no long term bad feelings.  Rebecca wanted to get out of this moment and decided she should figure out a quick exit.
“If you could show me to my room, I'd like to freshen up and use the restroom.”
Molly directed Marty, “Marty, show Rebecca to her room and show her where the bathroom and towels are located.”
Marty grabbed some pink towels and showed Rebecca into her room.  Since it was Marty's old room, it was decorated for a young girl.  The room was pink, everywhere.  The furniture was youthful.  There was a white youth bed with two matching dressers.  One of the dressers had a padded top used for changing small children.  In addition, in the corner was a matching crib.  The crib had clearly been unused for a while. It had a fancy blanket on the back rail and was filled with a variety of stuffed animals.  It was clearly a mother's way of turning the crib into a decoration while keeping it in case another child came along. 
“Mom cleared out a drawer in the dresser and there is room in the closet to hang your clothes.” 
“I don't have my clothes, yet.  The airline lost them.”
“Bummer.  Well, there's space when they catch up with you.  The rest of the stuff is my old clothes.”   
Marty beat a hasty retreat leaving Rebecca alone with her thoughts. 
Rebecca slipped off her jacket and her heels.  Looking in the mirror, her coffee stained blouse and skirt were obviously not going to meet her needs for the rest of the week.  Some turbulence on the flight resulted in her wearing both her own and her neighbor's cups of coffee.  Of course, those stains would not be removed so easily.  Sitting on the side of her bed, Rebecca pondered her dilemma. 
Rebecca called down to Molly and told her she was going to take a shower.  Molly came upstairs and consulted with Rebecca regarding her clothes situation.  Molly indicated she would find some clothes that Rebecca could wear until her own clothes arrived.  She gave Rebecca a short robe and told her to go ahead and get in the bath.  
Rebecca felt that Molly was mothering her a little, but she needed a little support right now and it felt good.  She began filling the tub.  She returned to her room, slipped out of her clothes, donned the robe and entered the bathroom for a long soak. 

Chapter 2

As Rebecca lay in the tub, she shaved what little hair grew on her legs and underarms.  As she entered the working world, one of her first treats for herself was to have laser hair removal on her legs and under her arms.  With minimal follow-up, she was virtually hairless and required only a few moments to clear up the stragglers.  Other than on her head, the only hair that remained was a small patch above her mons.  Rebecca had often found that her dates enjoyed finding her totally hairless.  In a moment of recklessness, Rebecca soaped up and quickly removed the remaining hair on her lower body.  She felt clean and refreshed.  Maybe she'd get lucky this weekend and find an unattached man at the wedding.
With that thought in mind, she leaned back, closed her eyes and tried to release her concerns regarding her lost clothing problems.
After a long soak, Rebecca felt fully refreshed.  She exited the tub and dried her hair with a hair dryer and brush from the vanity.  She had no makeup.  She returned to her room and found Molly waiting there. 
“Well, my dear, we have a situation here.  My clothes are clearly way too big.  Bill's won't fit you either.  It may seem crazy but even Marty's clothes are way too big.  But I have found some clothes that will fit.  You're just going to have to work with me.”
Skeptically, Rebecca said, “OK, you're scaring me.  But, I don't have a lot of alternatives.”
Molly handed Rebecca some full cut panties that were decorated with little flowers.  Clearly, they were children's underwear. 
She heard Molly saying, “Look it's all we have that is going to fit.  It's underwear, so it won't be seen.”
Rebecca turned away, held up her towel and pulled the panties on.  She then took the white cotton camisole Molly proffered.  Molly handed her a pink t-shirt with scalloped collar, sleeves, and bottom.  A picture of Princess Barbie centered the front of the shirt.  Rebecca slipped the shirt on.  Molly smiled and said, “The shirt fits well.  It looks like we've identified your size.  These pants should fit.”
Rebecca slipped the pants on.  They were Capri style pants that were tight but not overly.  The pants had an elastic waist for comfort and easy fit.  She sat on the bed and Molly helped her with some ankle socks and pink tennis shoes.  Rebecca felt uneasy as Molly helped her with her socks and shoes. 
“Th...Thanks.  I can do it.” Rebecca stated uneasily.
Molly responded.  “I know you can.  I just thought I could help.  Everything seems to fit well.  Now that I know your sizes, this will help me in finding other clothes that will fit you.  We can only hope your clothes show up first thing in the morning. Till then, you'll be fine.” 
Rebecca realized that in the camisole and t-shirt, her chest was non-existent.  “Molly, I think I'll wear my bra instead of the camisole.”
“That would work fine, except that I threw all your clothes in the wash since you only had the one set.  I assumed you would want to wear your bra tomorrow.  So, it is being washed.  I didn't realize how much your bra contributed to your chest.  I realize you are proud of your body and I don't want you to be embarrassed, but we're all friends here.  You can throw on a fleecy top if you want something baggy to divert attention.  No one will realize that your chest is a little smaller.”
“That would be great.  Thanks Molly.”
As Rebecca hopped off the bed, she realized that without her heels, Molly was significantly taller in relation to her.  This fact had not gone un-noticed by Molly while they were dressing Rebecca.  Molly opened a drawer and pulled out a well worn fleecy with a hood and a zip front.  Like her t-shirt, it was a faded pink. 
Molly had been surprised to find that Rebecca's bra was so heavily padded, but she did need to wash her clothes.  However, in her present outfit, Rebecca gave no outward signs of any chest, at all.  In fact, Rebecca would be rather disturbed to find that she was wearing Marty's old clothes.  Not recent clothes, but clothes Marty outgrew almost a year ago.  Rebecca was wearing Marty's favorite outfit from third grade.  They had gotten the t-shirt for Marty at Disneyland.  Molly decided it was best not to point this out to Rebecca.  Rebecca was upset enough with the loss in clothes.  However, Rebecca almost looked like a cute kid in this outfit. 
“Rebecca, let's go on down and let everyone get re-acquainted over dinner.”
The two of them made their way back downstairs.  As they entered the family room, Marty and Bill turned their heads and did a double take.  As Bill searched for something to say, Marty jumped right in with a snide remark, “Becky, don't you look cute?”
As Becky prepared for her next attack, Molly grabbed Marty and dragged her into the kitchen.  “Stop this right now.  We have a long weekend ahead of us and you need to give it a rest.  You can not be fighting with a friend of your aunt's just for fun.  Rebecca is here for the wedding and she is our guest.  She lost her clothes and she is embarrassed enough about having to borrow clothes.”
“Yeah, but mom, those are MY old clothes.  I grew out of them a long time ago.  She looks like...”  Her mother cut her off.
“Stop it.  She can't help that she is shorter than you and I.  Anyone wearing those clothes would look odd.  Whatever she looks like in those clothes, she is an adult and you will treat her as such.  Again, she is our guest.  Until her clothes get here, she has to have something to wear.  She does not know they are your clothes and I'd just as soon delay her knowing as long as possible.  Be nice to her and treat her as you would normally treat a guest in our house.”
Marty reluctantly agreed, “Ok mom.  I'll try to be nice.”  As Marty made her way back into the family room, she was trying to figure out how she could embarrass Rebecca the way Rebecca had embarrassed Marty last time she visited.  Marty had a lot of pent up frustration from their last encounter. 
When Rebecca was last here, she had pointed out Marty's small size at every chance she got.  Marty had tried to feel like a part of all the wedding plans, but Rebecca kept calling her squirt or pointing out how small or cute she was. Marty could feel a little payback was in the offing. 

Chapter 3

Rebecca, Molly and Molly's family watched some TV and discussed the weekend wedding. 
Rebecca confirmed that the plans were to get final dress fittings tomorrow morning, Thursday. The rehearsal dinner was Friday evening and the wedding and reception were scheduled for Saturday afternoon.  All of the women would spend Saturday morning at a salon getting their hair and make-up done.  Rebecca had return tickets for Sunday afternoon.  It would be an active few days but June was one of Rebecca's best friends from college.
When they were sitting down at the table for dinner, Marty pulled out a chair for Rebecca and said, “Hold on Becky honey; I'll get you a booster chair.  That way you can sit at the table like the big people.” As she said it, she sneered at Rebecca.
Rebecca sensed the attitude and she understood that Marty was trying to get some kind of payback for what happened in the past.  Rebecca didn’t realize that Marty felt like she was under attack when Rebecca had kidded her about her size.  She paused and considered her response. 
“No thanks, Marty.  I don't think that is needed.”  Rebecca's response was nice, congenial, and non-confrontational.  This threw Marty for a loop.  Marty backed off and sat down. 
Everyone enjoyed their meal.  Marty offered to cut up Rebecca's food and was again rebuked.
As everyone prepared for bed, Molly told Rebecca that she had laid out a nightgown and robe for Rebecca. 
As Rebecca returned to her room, she saw a short, thin cotton Barbie nightgown along with matching panties and a matching robe.   The robe was clearly a child's robe with a pink background and lot's of different Barbie poses over the entire garment. 
Rebecca groaned inside.  Molly appeared at the door behind her.  “I know this is uncomfortable, but this is one of the better choices.  If you want to pick your own; look in the bottom drawer of the dresser.” 
Rebecca had thought that the clothes she was wearing might have been Marty's.  But the full realization was a little unsettling.  No wonder Marty was riding her earlier.  Rebecca looked in the drawer and many of the gowns looked more like babydolls or other childish styles.  Molly was probably right about the selection. 
As Molly was leaving she said over her shoulder, “Once you take off your clothes, you can put them in the hamper, Becky.”
Rebecca realized that Marty kept referring to her as Becky to upset Rebecca, and apparently Molly was getting influenced by hearing the name Becky all night long.  Frankly, Rebecca was too tired to point out the error at this point. 
Becky began disrobing and slipped on the childish nightgown and panties.  When she went into the bathroom for her evening routine, she was a bit unsettled by her reflection in the mirror.  In her present outfit, she looked much younger than normal.  She envisioned herself as appearing to others like a teenager wearing childish clothes. 

Chapter 4

After a fitful night of sleep, Becky woke up in an unfamiliar room decorated for a child and she was totally disoriented.  Across the room she could see a baby crib and other pieces of child's furniture.  It took her a few minutes to realize where she was. 
Becky got up and hit the bathroom.  As she was returning to her room, Molly knocked on the bedroom door and cracked the door.  “Becky, up and at 'em.  I have breakfast ready.  Put on your robe and get downstairs.  We'll get you dressed after we eat.  Then, it's off to try on dresses.  Let's go.  Let's go.” 
Becky felt like she was back at home.  This was how her mom used to wake her up.  What a nightmare?  Becky grabbed the robe and slipped it on.  As she walked down the stairs, Marty bounded past her.  “Good morning little Becky.  How'd you sleep?” 
These references to being little were beginning to wear on her.  But, she told herself to be adult about it and Marty would lose interest. 
At the table, Molly handed a napkin to Marty and appeared behind Becky.  She slipped an apron over Becky's head and said, “We've got to keep the food off of our clothes.”  Becky thought this was a little over the edge and as she looked at Marty, she could see her snickering.  Becky realized that Molly was treating her like a kid.  But, she was unsure how to address this issue.  She ate her cereal and toast.  Marty chided her to drink her juice and asked if she would prefer a juice box.  Becky tried to delicately put her off.  She did not want to spend all weekend at odds with Marty.
Next thing she knew, Molly was taking her upstairs to pick out clothing for today.  She was presented with another pair of childish panties and a camisole top.  Molly went to the closet and pulled out a dress.  It was simple with cap sleeves and delicate ruffles on the bottom and around the arms.  It seemed very short to Becky but Molly assured her that it was perfect.  Some thin white anklets and a pair of black Mary Jane shoes finished the outfit. 
Rebecca insisted on wearing her bra.  She had to get rid of this childish image.  She wore the proffered clothes, including the camisole, but she put on her bra first.   
Molly understood Rebecca's attitude.  Rebecca did not realize that her chest looked manufactured inside the child's dress, probably because it was.  It occurred to her that kid's always wanted to grow up to soon.  Molly suddenly caught herself when she remembered that her little friend was actually an adult.    She smiled and said, “You look nice, head downstairs and we'll get going in just a minute.”
As Rebecca walked down the hall towards the stairs, her short dress flipped up, occasionally giving observers a glimpse of her childish panties.  Molly smiled. 
When Marty saw Rebecca she exclaimed, “Becky, you look great.  I'm glad mom found some clothes to tide you over till your bags get here.”
Molly came down the stairs and the three of them got into the car.  Molly told Marty to get in the back seat and let Rebecca ride up front.  Molly wasn't happy but she obeyed her mother. 

Chapter 5

When they arrived at the bridal shop, June and her mother were waiting.  After excited hugs and kisses, June asked about Rebecca’s choice in clothing.  She and Molly explained the loss of luggage and the limited choices they had in the way of clothing that would fit Rebecca. 
The lady from the bridal shop wanted to get things moving and she began to assign dressing rooms to each of the ladies.  All the dresses had been laid out in a separate room so that the girls could ready themselves.  Then last minute sizing would be handled by the seamstresses. 
June and her mother were sent to one room.  One of the ladies pushed Molly towards one of the dressing rooms and another one grabbed Rebecca.  Marty was sent to the only remaining room and everyone talked over the walls while they were getting dressed.  June told them all of the plans for the wedding and the reception. 
A lady began helping Rebecca remove her dress and helped her hang it up.  Rebecca was a little put off by the help but she assumed it was part of the bridal services?  A lacy camisole was dropped over Rebecca’s shoulders and a set of petticoats were added.  This surprised Rebecca because the petticoats would hold the hem of the dress up pretty high and she thought the dresses were below the knee in more of a traditional pattern.  A dress was removed from the dress bag and dropped over her shoulders.  The lady helping her buttoned it up in back and it fit like a glove.  But the waist went out from her waist at about a 45 degree angle and stood well above her knees. 
As Rebecca realized the dress was wrong, she exclaimed, “Hey, this isn’t my bridesmaid dress.”
The lady helping her get dressed ignored her talking and fluffed the dress.  Then suddenly, she opened the curtains and pushed Rebecca out into the central area where she was surrounded by mirrors.  June’s mother and Molly were standing there looking at Molly in her bridesmaid dress. 
As Rebecca was trying to get her footing, Molly and her mother noticed her.  Molly inadvertently started to snicker.  Her mother immediately reacted, “Rebecca, why are you wearing that dress.  Marty is supposed to be the flower girl.” 
On queue, Marty stepped out of one of the other cubicles wearing a bridesmaid dress.  The dress was actually a little short on her and a little tight in the chest.  Otherwise, it looked pretty good. 
“This is not my dress,” Rebecca yelled.  Pointing at Marty, she stated, “That is my dress!  Take it off.”
June stepped out of her cubicle and stared at Rebecca and Marty. 
The dress shop lady tried to calm Rebecca down, “Honey, only the bridesmaids wear those dresses.  You get to wear this pretty white dress.”
Of course, to the outsiders, Rebecca’s outburst seemed like the typical reaction seen every week when the little girls found out they were wearing different dresses than the big girls.  In this particular case, their perception was of course wrong, but they did not know that.  Everyone was talking at once. 
Molly realized this situation was spinning out of control and needed to be dealt with immediately. 
“Ladies, you need to give the family a few minutes.  ALONE!  NOW!”
The ladies were stunned, but quickly left the area and closed the doors. 
Rebecca was crying, Marty was laughing.  June and her mother were clearly upset.  Molly needed to keep calm. 
She turned to Marty and said, “Marty, shut up.  Go back in the cubicle and remove that dress.  Do not say a word.  Mom, you and June just let me handle this.  Rebecca, go back into the cubicle.  Let me help you.”
Her look and the way she said it caught Marty off guard.  Still snickering, she retreated to the cubicle. 
Molly walked Rebecca back into her cubicle and comforted her.  She helped her out of the dress.  Molly told her she would get things straightened out.  After Rebecca had called down, Molly asked her to wait a minute. 
Molly quickly moved to Marty’s cube and verified she had removed the dress. 
“Marty, honey, what happened?”
Marty sheepishly looked at her mom.  “They told me to go in here and they gave me the dress.  I knew it was probably wrong, but I thought maybe June had changed her mind about what I would wear.  But, you have to admit, Rebecca sure looked cute in that dress.  And besides, there is no way that flower girl dress is going to fit me.”
“Well Molly that has yet to be determined.  And either way, you have Rebecca’s dress.  Let me have it and we will figure things out in a little while.  As an aside, my dear, you did look spectacular in the dress.  You work with me on this dress thing and we’ll have to go shopping after the wedding.  Your father will not be too happy about his little girl growing up so fast.”
Molly took the dress over to Rebecca’s cubicle and helped her into it.  She then took the flower girl dress over to Molly. 
“There is no way this is going to fit.” Molly stated.
“Fine, put it on any way.  Remember what I said.  Work with me and I’ll reward you with some shopping next week.  Make this too difficult and you may find yourself going to school in this dress.”  Molly was staring at her daughter to ensure she understood the importance of this situation.  “Do you understand me?”
“Yes, I understand.”
Molly then helped her daughter into the dress.  It was of course a disaster.  The hem of the dress made it look more like a tu-tu.  Molly’s underwear was below the dress.
“Honey, I know this looks ridiculous.  And, we will have to work something out.  But Rebecca has been through a lot in the last day or so.  You need to work with me.  Clearly, you can not wear this dress.  But, I need you to walk out into this room and show my sister and your grand mother that you are a trooper and let them all come to the same conclusion.  You also need to let Rebecca see that it does not fit and that it looks silly, since you had such a big laugh at her expense.”
After some further haggling, Molly convinced Marty to come out since only the family was in the room.  Rebecca had come out in her dress.  June and Rebecca were talking.  Rebecca’s dress was loose on top and the length was wrong.  So some alterations were going to need to be done. 
Marty looked ridiculous.  But she did walk out to the mirrors. 
“Gee grandma, do you think I’ve grown a little bit?” Marty was camping it up for the mirrors.
“Oh my goodness, Molly, your little girl has certainly popped into a woman’s body.  Marty you look like a clown in that dress.”  Turning to June she said, “June, your niece can not wear that dress in the wedding. What are we going to do?”
June was looking at everything and trying to figure out how all her wedding plans had gotten so screwed up at the last minute.  “Mom, the dress was especially made.  It matches the wedding dress.  It matches the lace on all of the pews in church and it is designed to go with all the other decorations.  My wedding is ruined.”  June fell into that crying and heaving fit so common among brides in the days before their wedding. 
June and Molly’s mother was trying to calm June down.  “Ladies, let’s try to think about our options.  But first we need the ladies from the shop to get their opinion on our options.  Molly, go get the manager.” 
Molly left the dressing room and retrieved the manager.  She briefed her on the mistake regarding Rebecca and Molly.  The manager was apologetic.  Molly assured her that it would all work out. 
The manager immediately chuckled when she saw Marty in the flower girl dress that was way too small.  “Well ladies, what do we need to do here?  Clearly we need some major alterations or different dresses.”
June’s Mother said, “As you now know, we had a misunderstanding regarding which dress went with each person.  However, we need to figure out what to do for Marty.”
The manager looked Rebecca and Marty over in their dresses.  She walked around each of them touching the dresses in different places and estimating the alterations needed.
“The flower girl dress is of no use at all unless you have someone else to wear it.  Unluckily, we went to extreme efforts to design this dress to match the other elements of the wedding ensemble.  It is very unfortunate given what we have put in to it.”  The manager went on, “Do you have someone else that could wear the dress?”
June’s mother thoughtfully replied, “It would really be inconvenient to change the wedding party at this stage.  Too many plans have been made.  People have traveled far and it’s too late for that kind of change.”
The manager looked to June’s mother, since she was paying for everything, and suggested, “Why don’t you, June and her sister come with me to my office and we can discuss our options.  I’ll have some tea brought in.”  She began to herd the mother and June out the door and said over her shoulder, “You other girls talk among yourselves for a few minutes while we talk.”  Looking at Marty, she directed, “Young lady, take off that ridiculous dress.  I’ll send in some drinks for you girls.”
Sitting in her office, the ladies were sipping tea.  June had begun to calm down as they were working on a solution.  The confidence of the manager helped calm her nerves. 
“I know we still have to review all of the dresses.  But the dress that the smaller woman was wearing,” she turned to June. “Is it Rebecca?”
June responded, “Yes.  Her name is Rebecca.  She went to college with me.”
“Well, Rebecca’s dress should have fit her better.  It will require alterations to length and in the torso.  Whatever new flower girl dress we select will probably also require a lot of work.”   The Manager paused.  She observed the ladies and considered her next statement. 
The manager began, “Ladies, my wedding was a special event.  I asked all of the people that were important to me to be in the wedding.  I assume that you did the same.”
June nodded.  Her Mother and Molly also nodded.
“All of my friends said to me that they just wanted to do anything that would make it a great day for me.  Their favorite saying was, “Anything you need, I’m here for you.”
Again, they all nodded.
“Well, this may sound crazy but you spent a lot of money on that flower girl dress.  And it is coordinated with everything at the wedding.”  She paused again and then looked at June seriously.  When those two girls had the wrong dresses on, they were almost a perfect fit.  The amount of alterations is insignificant in comparison to what we need to do to maintain our original roles.  If these girls are here for you, maybe they wouldn’t mind swapping roles to facilitate your having the greatest wedding possible.  It’s something to consider.”
June was aghast.  The mother was considering the costs.  Molly understood the practicality.  They all sat there looking at each other.  At length, after discussing the pros and cons, it was decided that while it was a horrible situation, they should at least ask Rebecca.  Finally, June agreed to ask her. 
Rebecca had been reveling in her first adult clothing in days.  Even, if it was just sitting around a dressing room.  The manager came and asked Rebecca to come with her.
The manager returned with Rebecca and left the office to the four women.
Everyone refreshed their tea.  June made some small talk about college and a few of their friends.  Her mom asked about Rebecca’s job.  Rebecca quickly realized that there was something wrong and that she was the focus of the problem. 
June told the manager’s story about all of her friends wanting to do whatever was needed.  And Rebecca found herself agreeing that the role of the friends was to ensure a smooth wedding by doing whatever was necessary. 
June followed up, “Well Becks, I’m glad to hear that because we have a problem.  And I need you to tell me if you can help me.  Molly has told me about your luggage problem.  And, I am so sorry about the mix up on the dresses.”
“It’s not your fault the airlines are incompetent.  And Molly has been as helpful as she can in finding me clothes.  Although, I wish the clothes were more age appropriate.”  She chuckled half-heartedly. 
“Well,” June continued, “we still have a problem.  Marty’s dress was designed to match all kinds of things involved in the wedding.  It clearly does not fit.  So we are trying to figure out our alternatives.  The store manager suggested we get a new flower girl.  But we don’t have anyone else of the appropriate size.  We can get a new dress for Marty, but it won’t match everything else at the wedding.” 
Rebecca nodded thoughtfully and considered the problems.  “Wow that’s horrible.” 
June’s mother added, “Yes, and it is going to cost us a fortune to get a new dress on such short notice and all of the alterations that are needed.” 
Rebecca and her daughters all nodded knowingly. 
June decided the moment had come.  “Becks, the manager had a crazy idea of how you could help.  I wonder what you would think.” 
“Anything.  Tell me how I can help.”  Rebecca said.
“She said that she knows it was a mistake.  But, if we could convince you to wear the flower girl dress, it would solve everything.” 
Rebecca was aghast.  This couldn’t be happening.
June jumped back in, “Calm down.  I told her it was crazy.  I told her I wanted my best friend to be in my wedding as my bridesmaid.  But, it was an idea that we thought we should discuss.” 
June’s mother said firmly, “You did say you would do anything to make the wedding a success.  At least consider this.  It would save me a lot of money and would keep the theme of June’s wedding intact.  You could be the savior of the wedding.”
Molly, who had been mothering Rebecca for a few days, rubbed her shoulder and said, “Becky, you’ve been a trooper through all of this.  Maybe fate has interceded to solve our problems.  She is your good friend and you are here for her.  You’d be helping June.  And isn’t that the most important thing?” 
Becky felt like she was in a whirlpool.  The world was trying to beat her up for being small in stature, again. 
June applied the final pressure.  “Becky, this would mean the world to me.  It would save my wedding.  I would be in your debt forever.  I would do anything for you.  I love you.  Please do this for me.”
Becky felt her control slipping away as she whispered, “Ok, I’ll do it.”  She knew she would regret this decision.  But, it was done. 
Becky then asked, “Can we maybe not tell everyone I’m a friend from college?”
June asked, “What would we tell them?”
Molly grabbed this idea and ran, “There is no problem with the name since most people don’t know her.  Why don’t we just tell people that she is a niece?  It would fit with the clothes I have that fit her.  Most people don’t know everyone in the family.  We could easily get away with it.”
They didn’t discuss age, but everyone understood that most flower girls were in early grade school.
Molly left the room to talk to Marty before Becky and the others rejoined them.  She instructed Marty to be nice to Becky.  She told her that Becky was doing this for June and that Marty needed to lay off on the kidding while they worked everything out.
Marty was so excited about being a bridesmaid that she could barely contain her glee.  And no matter what her mother said, she knew she would extract her revenge on little Becky before things were over.  She quickly agreed with her mom and everyone rejoined them. 
Molly didn’t even notice that in all of her conversations she was referring to Rebecca as Becky.  She talked about her as a little girl she was protecting.  And that attitude and subliminal message was heard by everyone without it even being spoken. 
Becky and Marty exchanged dresses for a second time.  Molly helped Becky put the dress back on. 
The ladies from the dress shop rejoined them and everything was finalized for the wedding. 

Chapter 6

After the dress shop, all the women went and had a nice lunch.  The waitress tried to get Becky to order a kids meal, but they chased her away.  Everyone understood that Becky would be put forth as a younger niece to avoid embarrassment.
Marty figured that their goal was guaranteed to backfire, because she was going to make sure that Little Becky was reminded of her status and age as often as possible.  The gods had arranged for Marty’s nemesis Rebecca to become Little Becky for the wedding week.   Yes, Last summer had pissed her off.  And, Marty was ready for some payback. 
On their way back to Molly’s house after lunch, a police car pulled them over.  Molly could not figure out what they had done wrong.
After checking their registration and insurance, the officer asked if she knew why they had been pulled over.  Molly said she did not.
“Well mam, you are in violation of the state seat belt law.  I am willing to give you a warning this time.  But, the girl in the front seat needs to be in the back seat.  These laws are to protect the children from getting hurt.”  He leaned in the window and said, “I’m sorry, honey.  But you need to be in the back seat.  Can you please get in the back seat?”
Marty couldn’t pass this up, “Little Becky you know you aren’t supposed to be in the front seat until you are bigger.  Climb back here and I’ll get you buckled in.  Officer does LITTLE Becky need a booster seat?”
The officer laughed, “No that is really not necessary.  We just need her in the back seat.”
Molly turned to Becky, who was clearly stunned and said, “Becky, honey, can you please just get in the back seat so we don’t have a big drama here?”  Molly gave her an understanding look and her voice had a pleading tone to it. 
Becky felt more of her life slipping away. She just nodded and climbed in to the back seat.  She did not allow Marty to help buckle her in. 
By the time they got home the impact of the day was weighing heavily on Becky.  She had agreed to help her college friend out by filling in as the flower girl in her wedding.  To facilitate things, they were going to tell everyone she was a niece in grade school.  And now she was playing her role so well that a police man wanted to give Molly a ticket for letting her ride in the front seat.  She had only kid’s clothes and somehow they all seemed to fit.  If she lost her purse, no one would believe who she really was.  This was a nightmare.  She just wanted to go home, get her own clothes, get back to her job and forget about this weekend.

Chapter 7

Molly found a perfect party dress for the new flower girl in Marty’s old clothes.  She needed it to go to the rehearsal dinner.  Molly helped Becky curl her hair in an obviously more childish manner.  She put ribbons in her hair that matched her dress.  Molly told her she was not allowed to wear her bra.  Mary Jane shoes with ankle socks completed her outfit.
Marty, the new bridesmaid, wore a tight dress that flattered her figure and with a touch of make-up made her look years older. 
Becky was self-conscious about how childish she looked in her outfit.  But, when Becky saw Marty she wanted to curl up in a corner.  Molly and Bill were effusive in their compliments to both girls. 
Everyone climbed into the car and went to the dinner.
At the dinner everyone was introduced.  It was hard for Becky to remember all of the names.  There was a table for the wedding party.  But when it came time to sit down, it turned out that there was not a seat for the flower girl.  Becky was relegated to a table of kids off to the side of the room.  While there were no little kids at the dinner, Becky found that in her new status, she was perceptibly the youngest person there.  There were some kids in late grade school.  Most of the kids were from the groom’s side of the family.  Becky was pretty much ignored. 
In the middle of the dinner, two of the boys were rough housing and as usually happens things got spilled.  When Becky realized that a red drink had been splattered onto her dress, she started screaming at the boys.  Several mothers came running to calm down the kids.  One of them yelled, “Don’t blame the boys if you can’t keep track of your drinks.”
Becky was agitated and tried to explain that it was not her drink.  Molly grabbed a napkin and began dabbing the spill.  She maneuvered Becky into the ladies room and calmed her down. 
“Look at my dress.  I look like a fool.  Those kids were fooling around and it wasn’t my fault.  It wasn’t my drink.  And after all I’ve been through I did not need one more problem.”
Molly found herself using all her motherly skills to calm Becky down.  She had observed that as the situation had been deteriorating, that Becky was being treated by everyone as a kid and not an adult.  The result is that she was reacting to everyone in more and more childish ways.  And given everyone’s perception of her age, they assumed that her actions and motives were those of a child.  
Becky finally stopped crying and Molly convinced her that the stain was not that noticeable.  They returned to the party.
As soon as Marty had a chance, she kidded Becky about her stained dress and her problems at the kids table.  She asked her why she couldn’t get along with the other kids. 
Becky just sulked on the side of the room.  She couldn’t really hang out with June.  No one else was interested in her.
As the party was breaking up, everyone decided that they would go out to a local nightclub for a few more drinks.  Of course, Becky could not go.  Marty on the other hand looked old enough and would be with her parents. 
A number of the people attending the party had dropped their kids off at Molly’s house to be babysat during the rehearsal dinner.  Emma, a friend of Marty’s, was babysitting the children. 
Molly, Bill and Marty dropped Becky off at the house on their way to the after party.  Since Becky was not having a very good time to start with, she figured she might be able to relax if she went back to the house. 
Molly and Marty ran into the house with Becky to freshen up. 

Chapter 8

As they were preparing to leave, Marty pulled her friend, Emma, aside.  “Listen, Becky has been a little accident prone over the last few days.  Keep an eye on her and get her to bed at a reasonable time.  We want her to be nice and fresh for the wedding.  I laid out a nightgown for Becky on the bed in her room.”  Marty thought it was great that she was arranging for Becky to go to bed early.  Marty thought of all the times in the last day or so that Becky had spilled food or drinks.  By reminding her friend of Becky's accidents, she was making her sound more like a child that needed care.
Emma assured her that she understood and that she would take care of little Becky.  Unluckily, the words Marty used suggested something totally different to Emma.  Since Emma perceived Becky as a child, the message she got from Marty was that Becky had a problem wetting her pants or the bed. Both Marty and more importantly Becky were unaware of this misunderstanding. 
At 8:30, Emma approached Becky and told her it was time to get ready for bed.  Becky looked at her in astonishment.
“What?  It's only 8:30.  I'm not going to bed, yet.”
Emma put a stern look on her face and said, “Becky, I am in charge while the parents are away and you will do as I say.  You have a big day tomorrow.  There is a wedding and a reception and it will be a long day.  You have a special role and you need to be well rested.  Now, get up.”
Becky felt like a berated child.  But this was ridiculous.  She was not a child.  And, she certainly did not need a babysitter.  And, she knew tomorrow was going to be more of a nightmare than a fun day. 
“Look, I know it’s a big day and I will get plenty of sleep.  But I will go to bed in an hour or so.”  Becky tried to sound adult and well thought out.
Emma only heard the prattle of a child trying to delay the inevitable.  She reached down and grabbed Becky and easily picked her up. 
Becky was caught off guard and began fighting back. Emma made her way back to Becky's room.  Becky was screaming, “NO.  Put me down.  Leave me alone.  No. NO. No.  What are you doing?  Put me down.  I'll go to bed when I want to.  No. No....”
Emma sat down on Becky's bed and spun Becky around.  Becky found herself lying across the lap of Emma with her butt perched up in the air.  Becky started screaming and flailing more wildly.  Just as quickly, her skirt was tossed up and she felt her little panties pulled down.  As Becky paused in astonishment trying to understand the implications of this development, the first of many swats began falling on her unprotected rear end. 
Becky tried to sound firm as she told her assailant to stop.  But as the swats rained down, she began to cry and soon was begging Emma to stop. 
“Please, stop.  Pleassssse.”
Emma paused, “Will little Becky do as she is told?”
“Are you going to go to bed like a big girl?”
“Yes,” she sobbed.
“I'll get no more backtalk?”
“No” Becky found her breathing beginning to return to normal. 
Emma stood up and placed Becky on her feet next to the bed.  She began undressing Becky.
“I can do it.”  Swat.  Emma rapped her backside reminding her who was in charge.
“I don't want to hear a sound out of you.”
Becky bit her lip.  Her clothes were removed.  Emma pulled off her socks and shoes.  Then Emma started to pull off Becky's camisole.  Becky again started to fight and again received a swat on her rear along with a stern look. 
But, when Emma started to remove Becky's little panties, her only remaining piece of clothing, Becky decided she had had enough.  She slipped from Emma's grasp and ran to the other side of the room.
“What is the matter with you?  Leave my panties alone.  I can dress myself.  Give me my night gown, you bitch.” Becky continued to unload, “I don't need some bimbo to help me get dressed.  Do your mommy dearest routine somewhere else.”
It was at this moment that Becky realized that the look on Emma's face was different.  She was mad.  And apparently, Becky was the focus of her anger.
As Emma trapped her and grabbed her, Becky again began to yell and flail around.  She again found herself on the receiving end of a spanking and she was totally nude, now.  Then Emma picked her up and carried Becky into the bathroom.  Becky was crying uncontrollably and could not stop.  Becky saw herself in the bathroom mirror, a little nude girl being man-handled by a baby sitter years younger than her.  And as she realized how young she looked as she cried uncontrollably, Emma pushed a bar of Ivory soap into her mouth and began to berate her on her language.  She was no longer dressed in the childish clothing, but she felt every bit as bad as any child in this situation.
As she tried to regain control of her own actions, she heard Emma again tell her that there better not be another word from her. 
With the mouth-washing complete the nude little girl was again dragged back into “her” room.  Emma looked around and found a little girl's nightgown on the end of the crib near the dresser in Becky's room.  In the closet, she noted a stack of pull-ups.  She remembered Marty's warning about accidents.  Emma placed the nightgown over Becky's head and Becky raised her arms to get the gown to come down.  It was a short babydoll design that barely reached her waist.  As Becky was reviewing her new night wear, Emma stood, reached up into the closet and grabbed a pull-up from the pile.  When Emma lifter her leg to pull the pull-up onto her leg, Becky could not see it and before she realized what Emma was dressing her in, she was firmly encased in the pull-up.  Emma picked Becky up and instead of placing her in the bed, she put her in the crib.  Again, Becky began to complain, but at this point all it took was one look from Emma and she again bit her lip. 
“I know you don't need the crib, but I was told to put you in this bed and your night clothes were laid out for you on the bed.  Maybe someone else, an adult for instance, is staying in the other bed.  I don't care.  Frankly, the way you've acted, this is a more appropriate place for you to sleep tonight. 

Chapter 9

Becky cried softly.  This was a nightmare.  A few days ago, she was a marketing professional and now she lay in a crib, in a diaper, in a baby nightgown, crying and tomorrow, she was going to be the flower girl in her college friend's wedding.  She has agreed to play the role of a child to help her friend out and yet not one person has questioned whether she is actually might be as young as 8 or 9 years old.  In fact, as she has now been spanked, stripped and diapered, she is beginning to question her own reality.  People seem to think she is younger not older than the role she is playing.  The world seems to be slipping away.  Becky cried some more.  She stared at the Barbie night-light and eventually slipped off to sleep. 
When Molly, Bill and Marty returned from the party, Molly asked, “How did everything go?” 
“Fine.  The other parents stopped by a little while ago to pick up their kids.  Becky seemed to ignore the other kids and just watched TV till I put her to bed.”
Molly was surprised by the wording and asked, “Put her to bed?”
“Yes.  I started to prepare her for bed at around 8:30.”  Emma saw Marty and Molly looking at each other and snickering.  “Well, I thought you wanted her well rested for tomorrow and she certainly was cranky.”
Molly tried to reassure Emma, “No you did fine.  It’s just that Becky often stays up later than that.”
“Oh she made that clear.  But, I babysit a lot and I don't take backtalk from the little ones.  Otherwise, they never respect you.”
“What happened?”
“Well she started yelling and threw one heck of a tantrum.  I just gave her a spanking and...”
“Wait, you spanked her.” Molly was worried now.
“Yes.  And then she threw a fit and started cussing.  I washed her mouth out with soap, dressed her in the nightgown Marty left out for me and put her in the bed.  It was a good thing Marty told me she put her nightgown on her bed or I wouldn't have known to put a girl her size in the crib.  I guess you have other people staying in the real bed?”
Marty was laughing and Molly was beside herself.  Bill had almost forgotten that Becky was anything other than what she appeared to be, a small child.  Molly responded, “Well yes, we expect some of the friends or relatives might need the bigger bed.  You have to use what you have in these situations.”
Emma explained that “The way she was acting, I figured she probably should have been sleeping in that bed.”
Molly paid Emma and as Emma was leaving to go home she added, “Oh and don't worry about the accidents, I found the pull-ups in the closet.”
With that Emma was gone.  Molly and Marty were like statues staring at the door.
Molly looked at Marty and asked, “What is she talking about?”
“With all the spills and such I told her that Becky had been having accidents and to be careful.”
As realization struck Molly, she said, “Oh my God.  She thought you meant that Becky had accidents in bed.  And I think Becky is in a diaper in a crib upstairs.” 
Both women dashed for the stairs.  They quietly entered Becky's room and there they found her.  Becky was curled up in a ball holding a teddy bear wearing a babydoll nightgown and a pull-up. 
The two barely got out of the room before they were laughing uncontrollably. 
Marty got her camera and they took several pictures of Becky in the crib. 
After everyone had gone to bed, Marty quietly slipped out of her room.  She went to the bathroom, got a small dish of warm water and entered Becky's room.  With her experience from camp, she carefully placed Becky's hand in the dish and waited.  Within a few minutes, she heard the sounds as Becky's bladder released itself into the pull-up.  She quietly left the room and began thinking about how this could be used to further humiliate Becky. 
A few minutes later, Marty returned to further document Little Becky’s condition.  The ballooned pull-up was featured in her new photos.

Chapter 10

Molly was a mother.  Marty knew there was one thing that really got her mother mad.  She hated when older kids wet the bed.  Marty wanted to maneuver her mother to be the one that found the new bed wetter. 
Everyone was up early since the girls all had a spa day before the wedding. But, Becky was not one of the first up. 
Marty mentioned this to her mother.  Molly, with Marty in tow, went to wake up Becky. 
“Becky, time to get up.”  Molly reached into the crib and nudged Becky.
Becky started to awaken.
Marty acted surprised and said, “Oh my god.  Mom, look.”  Marty pointed at the middle of the bed where there was a large wet spot from Becky’s leaking diaper.  Also, the clearly overloaded diaper was visible now that they were both looking at it. 
“Becky, what have you done?”  Molly’s nerves were suddenly on overdrive.  “Is this your way of teaching us a lesson for yesterday?  Well little missy, you have another thing coming.  I don’t put up with this type of behavior from small children and I am certainly not putting up with it from you!”
Becky was suddenly forced awake.  The tirade was blistering and Molly was really mad.  Becky was suddenly aware that she was wearing a wet diaper.  She did not know how it happened. Apparently, Molly thought she did it on purpose.  As she moved to stand up in the crib, Molly grabbed her and lifted her out.  She was marched into the bathroom.  Becky had not been able to articulate a thought yet. 
Now, Molly had the shower on and she was taking Becky’s clothes off.  Becky started to complain and say that she could do it herself.  Molly swatted her on the butt and Becky was reminded of the previous night.  The area was still tender.  Marty was observing and taking clothing from her mother as she handed it out.  Becky was shoved into the shower. 
Molly and Marty were a little stunned to find that Becky was totally hairless, everywhere.  Marty thought it was hilarious.  It turned out that little Becky looked an awful lot like a little girl without her clothes on. 
As Becky reached for the soap, Molly reached into the shower and began to wash her hair.  When she objected, another sharp swat quieted her down.  Becky washed her body as Molly washed and conditioned her hair. 
While Becky finished washing, Marty reminded her mom of the rule they had regarding bedwetting.  Molly had always had a rule that if the kids wet the bed, that they were required to wear a pull-up the next day.  Molly told her that seemed excessive.  Marty pointed at the wet baby diaper in the trash and raised her eyebrows.  Marty asked why someone acting like a kid should not be treated the same as everyone else. 
Becky was unceremoniously pulled out of the shower.  Molly dried her off and dragged her back into the bedroom.  Becky began to complain.  Molly looked at her and stated, “Do not say anything.  I am so mad right now I don’t know what to do.”
Becky took a deep breath and tried to figure out what was happening.  Yesterday, she agreed to be the flower girl instead of a bridesmaid.  She was then delivered to a babysitter, spanked, diapered and put to bed in a crib.  Lying in bed last night, she figured there was no way anything worse could happen. 
Then, she apparently wet the bed and now the new day was proving that things could get worse.  Molly produced another childish camisole which flattened out what little assets Becky had.  A cute child’s sun dress was dropped over her shoulders.  Marty was brushing Becky’s hair and Becky looked in the mirror as Molly stepped in front of her and bent down to help her step in to her panties. 
But Becky quickly realized something was wrong.  Before she even began to complain, Becky found herself wearing a new pair of pull-ups.  This was too much.
“No, no, no.  Molly what are you doing.  I’m not wearing a diaper again.”  Becky yelled. 
Molly placed a sharp swat on Becky’s inner thighs.  Becky began crying.  She couldn’t believe this was happening. 
“Now you listen here young lady.  We have a rule in this family.  When one of the kids or a friend who stays over wets the bed, they wear a pull-up or a diaper the next day.  Now, you are wearing a pull-up, not a diaper.  If you had had a diaper on last night, I would not have to wash all the bedding from the crib because your accident would have been contained.  If you can behave yourself, we will get you into some real underwear for the wedding.  Otherwise, I have no problem sending you to the wedding in a diaper and plastic pants. GOT IT?”
Becky was trembling.  She was honestly scared.  She was whimpering. 
“Also, I don’t think it is appropriate for someone acting like a little girl to call me by my first name.  From now on, you should call me Aunt Molly or Mrs. Wilson.  Now put on these sandals and let’s go down for breakfast.”
After breakfast, Molly finished getting ready.  Molly told Marty to grab a small carryall and put Becky’s underwear that matched her camisole in it along with any additional clothes she or Becky might need.  Being a total optimist, Marty figured there had to be some way to keep Becky in the pull-ups for the wedding.  Marty grabbed the underwear and stored it in the side pocket of the bag.  She also grabbed some other items Becky might need if her plan worked out.  Marty brought along some baby powder, additional pull-ups and a bunch of cloth diapers and plastic pants. 
Molly, Marty and Becky then climbed into the car to go to the salon.  Becky begged to put on her regular underwear that matched the camisole, but Aunt Molly would not relent.  When Molly wasn’t with them, Marty turned to Becky and said, “Wow Little Becky, I never thought I’d see you begging to wear your little girl panties.” 
Becky sat quietly, in the back seat of the car, of course, pondering Marty’s mocking statements.  She hadn’t even realized it until Marty pointed out that she was actually begging for the children’s underwear.  Of course, that’s all there was to wear.   But still it felt ridiculous for a marketing executive like her to be making such a childish request.
As they pulled up in front of the salon, Becky hoped that things could get a little bit back to normal.  When they headed inside, the rest of the wedding party was already there.  Becky said hello to June and her mother.  Everyone complimented her on her dress.  Becky’s spirits began to rise.  She felt a little better seeing her friend.
Molly and Marty were talking to the manager because they wanted to do something different with Marty’s hair now that she was a bridesmaid.  All of the bridesmaids were getting similar hair-dos.  Marty had some follow-up conversations with the manager regarding some other issues.
Each of the ladies was sent to a room in back to put on a smock.  Becky was reluctant to change clothes due to fact she was wearing a pull-up.  Aunt Molly slipped into the room and helped her change.  Aunt Molly pointed out that the pull-ups looked like underwear other than the Barbie picture on the front.  She assured her no one would notice.  Then Aunt Molly told her to act like a big girl and not ruin this for everyone.  Since Becky was shorter than most of the women, the smock was long enough that she felt it might cover her secret.  Becky reluctantly donned the smock and they turned themselves over to the hairdressers.  Becky found herself thinking of Molly as Aunt Molly.
It turned out that the bridesmaids were getting their legs waxed.  Since Becky had no hair on her legs, she did not feel left out.  They all were getting pedicures, manicures, hair and make-up.  All of the women were getting trims and their hair was being put up in curlers.  The women were chatting with each other and discussing the wedding.  Becky’s hair was washed and trimmed just a little.  Then they started to put her hair up on some small curlers.  All of the girls were getting their hair put up. 
It wasn’t until she smelled the permanent solution that Becky realized she was in line to get a perm.  She noticed everyone had curlers in their hair and they had discussed that everyone was getting similar hair-dos.  She was upset, but figured she could deal with it next week when she was back at work.  Big body curls would be an interesting new look for her. 
While she was under the dryer, her finger nails were done in a sort of bubblegum pink.  While she was unhappy with the color, she assumed that the bridal party colors had been selected by her friend June.  As the lady began working on her toe nails, she patted Becky’s knee and asked her if she needed to use the potty.  Becky looked down at the woman sitting at her ankles and realized she was looking between her knees at the pull-up.  Becky’s good mood was deflated and she shook her head no. 
Across the room, she could see them removing the curlers from Marty’s hair.  The big bouncy curls really looked nice on her.  As they began styling her hair Becky could see that Marty would look much more adult with this hairdo.  This lifted her spirits and she was looking forward to seeing how the new doo would look on her.
When the dryer was done, Becky was moved to the styling chair.  They faced her away from the mirror and began removing the curlers.  The stylist used a pick to separate the curls and the tray filled up with the many small curlers.  Becky had never had a perm before and was surprised by a couple of the curls that fell in front of her eyes.
The stylist asked Becky to wait for them to do her make-up before looking in the mirror.  The make-up lady spent only a little time on her face.  A light foundation was followed by adding some color to her cheeks.  The lady complimented her on her skin and how cute she was going to look.  A light pink lip stick was added and they were ready.  Marty was standing behind the stylist talking to her.  Marty looked beautiful.  June and Molly approached and June put her hand to her mouth in surprise.  Molly seemed a little surprised also.  All three of them looked great.  It seemed that Becky would be the last one done. 
Becky was getting excited as everyone seemed surprised by how good she looked.  This began to lift her spirits.  She asked if she looked good. And everyone agreed she looked great. 
When it was time for the unveiling, she closed her eyes and stood up before turning around to the mirrors on the wall.  When she opened her eyes, Becky was bewildered.  She saw the entire wedding party and they looked great, but there was a young child with bright pink lipstick, bright pink fingernails and a head full of tight ringlet curls like Irish dancers or Shirley Temple wore.  Suddenly, she realized that she was the child in the mirror.  Everyone was smiling but she was aghast.  She put her hand up to her mouth.  To everyone else that looked “so cute.”  She began to cry.  Everyone thought they were tears of joy.  June and Molly were unclear how or why Becky had this cute child’s haircut.  But, even they had to admit she looked beautiful.  On the other hand, Marty was very excited with the look they had achieved.  That special conversation with the stylist had paid off. 
Molly and Marty stepped over to Becky.  Molly offered a handkerchief and begged her not to ruin her make-up.  Marty began herding her towards the door.  Becky had not even been able to speak.  As she tried to say something, Marty shushed her. 
Becky was sulking in the car.  Becky thought they were headed back to the house, but instead they headed for the dress shop.  Becky did not realize where they were until everyone piled out of the cars. 
They were in such a hurry as the entered the store that Molly forgot about Becky and her pull-ups.  Becky was still in a funk from the hair salon.  Each of the girls was pushed into a room to get dressed.  It was only as Becky began to disrobe that she realized she still had the pull-up on.  The lady from the store seemed oblivious.
Becky said, “I need to talk to Aunt Molly, Mrs. Wilson.”  Becky felt defeated having to refer to Molly as if she was some adult years older than herself.
“Honey, give us a minute and you can talk to anyone you want.  But I have to get you out of here so we can stay on schedule.”
She pulled Becky’s dress over her head and removed the camisole. Becky crossed her arms over her chest.  The woman thought that was very cute.  “Soon, you’ll grow up and have something more to cover up there.”
Becky wanted to respond but realized it was pointless.  She found herself just going with the flow wondering how she got here.  A new camisole was pulled over her head.  Next the dress was carefully dropped over her arms.  The woman removed her sandals and helped her into little white anklets and some white low heel mary-janes.  Then she grabbed a pair of bloomers which were a bit oversized and covered with ruffles.
“Honey, these go with the dress.  We didn’t try them on the other day.  They’ll cover up your special panties.”
Becky realized she was talking about the pull-ups.  She expected to get her underwear, but anything to cover them up at this point was a bonus.  And that was how Becky ended up letting the woman pull a pair of large white ruffled bloomers up her legs.  They reminded Becky of the diaper covers you put on small babies.  Of course, they were much bigger and had much more lace. 
The bloomers emphasized the bottom and they were easily visible from behind in the flower girl dress.  Because the dress flared out, Becky was not really aware of just how visible they really were.  With her hairdo, the childish dress and the bloomers, people might expect her to waddle or toddle down the aisle. 
Before all the women had been dressed, the shop ladies had asked them if they needed to use the restroom.  Since Becky had on a pull-up, her assistant had not bothered to ask. 
Soon everyone was hustled out to the waiting limousine.  June was beautiful and everyone was fawning over her. 
When they arrived at the church, it was time for pre-wedding pictures.  All of these pictures were only of the women in the wedding.  They sat near flower beds and under shade trees.  Becky was seated with her dress fluffed up around her.  When she stood for pictures they had her stand sideways or with silly childish poses.  What Becky did not realize was that the dress which flared out beginning just below the bust area stopped with its crinoline so that the lace panties often showed in the pictures.  Along with her childish poses with her hands in her lap or a finger under her chin, she was the perfect image of the little flower girl.
June was taken with her mother into the church for last minute preparations.  Molly had gone with them.  But Marty stayed behind with Becky.  Becky was being photographed with the ring bearer.  Marvin was 10 years old and clearly a little trouble-maker.  Marvin arrived with two other boy cousins about the same age.  Becky was getting tired of the pictures and wanted to go find a bathroom.  The photographer kept telling her to smile.  She was not performing up to expectations.  He talked to her like the child she appeared to be.  He told her she should be proud to have a nice looking boy her own age.  Marvin was getting bored and wanted her to smile and get it over with.  So, Marvin, who had is arm around Becky for the picture decided he would help things along.  When Marvin began to tickle Becky the photographer thought it was ingenious.  Therefore, the photographer encouraged it as he danced around shooting un-posed pictures of the two kids tickling with Becky trying to fight him off.  Becky was squealing for him to stop and actually forgot about the photographer.  However, Marvin was relentless and in the middle of their tussle Becky’s eyes grew wide as her bladder suddenly let go.  Her scream stopped Marvin.  But everyone nearby knew what had happened.  The boys started teasing her and Marty quickly grabbed her to hustle her towards the church. 
Becky was crying in deep heaving sobs.  Marty put her arm around her and said in a voice she knew everyone could hear, “Thank goodness you had on a pull-up or your dress would be ruined.”
That, of course, triggered a new round of teasing as they made their way into the church.  Molly heard Becky crying and ran to help.  Luckily, June was in another room with her mother.  When Marty explained what had happened, Molly lost it.
“What are you three years old?  What are we going to do now?  I can’t believe that a big girl like you can’t tell the adults when you need to go to the bathroom?”
Marty realized that her mother was talking to Becky like she was a little kid.  Then she remembered the bag she had brought.  “Mom, I brought supplies in my extra bag.  Let me grab it.”
Molly pulled Becky into the bathroom and told her to stand still.  Still treating her like a little child who had disappointed her.  She said, “We have to get you cleaned up before the service begins.  Work with me.”
Becky was still crying.  She kept repeating, “I’m sorry Aunt Molly.”  How could she be in this situation?  Thank god she had the pull-up on.  What was she thinking? Why did she have a pull-up on?  What was she going to wear now?  How could she be grateful for having a pull-up on?
Molly picked up Becky’s dress and pulled down the bloomers.  Then she removed the wet pull-up. 
“Sit on the potty and I don’t want to hear a word out of your mouth young lady.”
At that moment, Marty returned with the bag. 
Becky wiped herself and was trying to use the toilet paper to wipe the area covered by the diaper. 
“Look, just stop.  You’re going to ruin your dress.  I can deal with this faster.”  There was a large couch in the lounge.  Molly quickly threw a towel on the couch and pulled Becky over to it.  She helped gather up the dress and then pulled Becky’s arms around the bundle.
“You hold up your dress and I’ll get you cleaned up.”  With that she pushed Becky into a sitting position on the couch and then leaned her back so she was lying on the couch. 
Marty observed Becky who was lying on her back on the couch while holding her dress up to her face.  Molly grabbed a wet wash rag from the sink.  Marty placed the bag near the couch and started taking things out.  She pulled out the plastic pants and cloth diapers first since they were on top.  Then she reached in for the pull-ups.  She remembered the underwear was in the side pocket and started to reach for it. 
Molly was finishing washing Becky’s privates while she lay there whimpering and crying.  Molly looked over at the pile of items and something snapped.  She pointed at the pull-ups and said, “We won’t need those.”
Marty stopped going for the underwear and looked at her mother.  Her mother gave her a conspiratorial look and Marty handed her the baby powder. 
As an experienced mother, once Molly was in motion events unfolded quickly and decisively.  Molly had taken care of Marty and other babies for years.  As she smiled at Becky over her piled up petticoats, she sprinkled the baby powder on Becky’s crotch saying, “We need to make sure you don’t get a rash down there.” 
Becky seemed like she was off in another world.  Marty had stacked up four old style Curity diapers (The kind you fold to fit.  Unfolded, they were easily big enough for Becky).  Picking Becky’s legs up off the couch, Molly quickly slid the diapers under her bottom.  She then grabbed the plastic pants and the bloomers together and indicated Marty should feed them onto Becky’s feet.  Marty put the plastic pants and bloomers together and fed them on to Becky’s left foot and then her right foot.  She was holding them on the sides waiting for her mother’s direction.  Molly pulled the diapers up between Becky’s legs and had one side pinned before Becky could process why that did not feel right.  As she pinned the far side of the diapers with the pink bunny pins, Marty quickly pulled both the plastic pants and bloomers up and over Becky’s newly diapered bottom.  The actual cloth diapers were much larger than the pull-up had been. But, the bloomers still covered them. 
“What are you doing?  Molly?” Becky was yelling.
Swat.  Swat.  Molly pulled up Becky’s legs and swatted her tender inner thighs really hard.  “Shush.  Not another word.  And I told you to call me Mrs. Wilson or Aunt Molly.  You are clearly not old enough to deal with me on a first name basis.” She swatted her thighs again.
“Ow.  What? Stop that you bitch.  You can’t..” Becky was yelling again.
Suddenly, Molly lifted Becky’s legs and sat on the couch.  She pulled Becky’s legs back down across her lap and flipped her over so she was face down on the couch.  She quickly undid the near side of the diapers.  She pushed bloomers and plastic pants below Becky’s bottom and began to spank her.  Swat. Swat. Swat.
“I am sick and tired of you little girl.  First you cause trouble for the babysitter.  Then you wet the bed like an infant.  And as if that was not enough, now you decide to soil yourself at the wedding of my sister.  If you are going to act like an infant, I will treat you like one.”  The spanking continued. 
Becky’s yelling turned to sobs.  And eventually she was whimpering that she was sorry.  She was not really sure what she was sorry for, but she was broken.  She was a bad little girl and she needed to say she was sorry.  “I’m sorry.  Aunt Molly, I’m sorry.  I’ll be good. Tell me what to do.”
Marty had witnessed this and was feeling sorry for Becky.  She had been broken like a horse.  Becky was no longer some friend of her Aunt June.  She was a broken little girl. 
Molly re-pinned the diaper and pulled up the plastic pants and bloomers.  She checked to make sure the diapers were not sticking out to prevent leaks.  She held Becky while Marty got some tissues.  They dabbed Becky’s face and she still looked angelic. 
June stuck her head in the bathroom to find out what all the noise was about.
Molly looked at her and said, “Oh it was nothing.  Little Becky had an accident.  I think we have it all worked out now.  Don’t we Becky?”
Becky responded meekly, “Yes.  I guess.”
June’s mom said from behind her, “Good, then let’s get this marriage ceremony going.”

Chapter 11

Molly and Marty helped Becky to stand up off of the couch. 
Becky was standing funny.  She couldn’t put her legs together.  The cloth diapers were so thick that they held her legs apart.  “I can’t put my legs together.”
Molly looked at her seriously, “Are we going to have another incident little girl?  Walk slowly.  You’ll be fine.  We don’t have time for this.” 
Some lady from the church pushed a large basket with flowers into Becky’s hands.  There was a pile of rose petals in the middle.  She was supposed to sprinkle the rose petals all along the aisle in front of the bridal party.  She found herself waddling out of the room. 
As Becky walked she found that if she swung her legs and her bottom, she could walk in a waddling gait.  Of course, that just emphasized her now voluminous bloomers which called attention to themselves under her skirts.  As she passed each pew the mothers and kids all noted how cute the flower girl was and wondered why she still appeared to be wearing diapers. 
She could hear some of the whispers and she cried as she waddled up the aisle.  Everyone assumed that she was shedding tears of joy.  They did not realize they were tears of shame and embarrassment at her loss of adult status and her own childish behavior.
Becky sat at the head of the aisle at the foot of the altar. There everyone could see her along with the bride and groom.  There was no where for her to run.
After the ceremony, she followed the new couple down the aisle along with the rest of the wedding party.  Outside, she was part of the receiving line.  She stood next to Marty for protection from the taunts and teasing.
The ring bearer and his friends kept up a quiet ongoing teasing.  They kept calling her baby Becky.  They asked her if she was wet or dry.
More pictures were now taken.  These included the entire wedding party.  Pictures were taken both in and outside of the church.  Again there were pictures which the photographer knew would highlight the little flower girl and her cute rumba panties. 
Soon everyone moved into the limousines to go to the reception.  Becky had dreamt of June’s reception.  She wondered if she might meet a cute guy and get laid after the wedding.  Who knew where it might lead.  Now she was sitting on a pillow which was the diapers on her bottom.  Marty was sitting next to Becky. 
“Hey, Becky do you remember when you were here several months ago to try on dresses?  I wanted to tell you that I was wrong.”
Becky looked up at Marty trying to understand what she was talking about.  “Wrong, about what?”
“Well last summer you kept saying how you thought the flower girl dress should be very frilly.  And you liked that it matched the wedding dress.  Remember?”
Becky felt like this was a set up and warily said, “Yes!”
“And you insisted that the flower girl should have ringlet curly hair with flowers in it.  You also insisted that lots of lace was needed.  After they shortened the dress at your suggestion, they added the lacy panties in case they showed.  Luckily, the bloomers cover up your diapers.  But, I just wanted to tell you I was wrong.  Now that I see it, I realize this is the perfect flower girl outfit.  And the only thing that could have made it better was that you are wearing it instead of me.” 

Chapter 12

At the reception, the bridesmaids were seated at the head table.  However, there was not a place for the flower girl.  Luckily, there was not a kids table.  Becky was assigned to sit with Molly’s husband Bill.  There were other people assigned to the table but they were friends of the groom’s family. 
Becky sat at the table in a trance.  She was pondering her situation.  My relationship, with June and her family, is ruined.  I feel like I am sitting here with a huge pillow under my bottom and pulled up between my legs.  This is the worst thing that has ever happened to me.  Thank god no one outside of this town knows what is going on.  My god what am I going to do when I have to go back to work next week.  What will I tell people about the wedding?  Everyone I work with knew I was going to a wedding.  They’ll all ask.  What about my hair? 
People were arriving for the reception.  Two men approached the table.  “Alright, this is great.  I had no idea they were providing dates for the wedding.  I get to sit with the flower girl.  Hi honey, my name is Art.  What’s yours?”
At that moment, Becky had her second accident of the day.  And she was suddenly crying again. 
Art was very apologetic.  Marty ran over to find out what was wrong and took Becky to the bathroom to clean up her face.  Bill told Art that the flower girl’s name was Becky and that she had been having a hard time the last few days.  He probably just scared her.
Marty had no idea what the problem was.  She asked Becky and she was reluctant to answer.  Becky decided she would rather wear a wet diaper than admit to having another accident.  But that was not the problem. 
She looked up at Marty through bloodshot eyes and said, “This whole week has been one terrible thing after another.  The only thing that got me through it was the knowledge I could go back to work next week and no one would know.”
Marty felt a little sympathy, but did not understand.  “So?”
“So! So! That guy that just came up to the table works with me.  He is one of my chief rivals at the company.  He is a loud mouth jerk.  And if he figures this out, my life is ruined.  Totally!”
Marty thought about this.  “I hate to tell you this, but no one could ever believe that the person sitting here is the person that arrived from work a few days ago.  There is no way he knows.  He was just being a loud mouth.  We’ll tell him he scared you and you can play the little girl to him and he will never figure it out.  Little Becky, there is no one here that believes you are anything but a little girl.  You just keep acting like a little girl and everything will work out.”

Chapter 13

Art was very apologetic when they returned to the table.  He offered to get Becky a drink from the bar and brought back a glass of lemonade.
Becky was trying to just get through the reception.  She sat at the table in her wet diaper wondering how she got here.  Art and his buddy would drag Becky out on the dance floor for every few dances.  They thought it was hilarious to dance with the little flower girl.  The photographer got lots of pictures of them dancing.  There were pictures at the tables and Art just would not go away.  Her attempts to get him to go elsewhere were perceived as a child trying to sulk.  They would have none of it.
Any time Becky tried to move towards the bathroom, either Marty or Molly would jump up to escort her.  They would ask her if she needed to use the bathroom and offer to help her with her outfit.  She would tell them she was trying to avoid Art.  Becky didn’t want them to know she had wet the diapers but she hoped to get rid of them.  Becky was unable to ditch the diapers but she had clean hands. 
As the afternoon and early evening passed, Becky’s diaper became more and more uncomfortable.  She grew desperate to use the toilet.  It seemed like she could not think for herself.  Art and his buddy along with several other men had made it their mission to keep Becky on the dance floor.  She did enjoy the dancing, but was constantly worried about detection of either the diaper or who she actually was. 
Then Marvin, the ring bearer, and his buddies showed up.  They were pulling her hair and teasing her.  Becky did not know where to go.  Now when she needed them Art and his buddy were no where to be seen.  No Marty.  No Molly.  Becky moved to a corner of the room and was trying to avoid the boys.  They were trying to tickle her and tease her about wearing diapers.  Becky was laughing when tickled and or crying.  Then her bladder let go and she had her third accident of the day.  No one seemed to notice it this time.  She just kept crying.  But it was devastating for Becky to realize that she had just had another accident at the wedding.  She could not believe that she had reused the wet diaper she had now been wearing for hours.  And the only positive thing that came to her mind was that at least her diaper was no longer cold.  What was wrong with her, she wondered.
Someone got the boys to leave.  A lady helped her wipe away her tears.  Becky moved back over to the table and sat down.  She was sitting on a drenched diaper.  She felt the wetness all around.  The party was winding down. 
As everyone started gathering up their things to leave, Marty came looking for Becky.  The two of them made their way over to where her mother and dad, Molly and Bill, were waiting.  Becky still had that waddle due to the diapers.  But Molly detected something else.  They pointed to the door and Molly walked behind Becky.  And that was when she saw the telltale sag that went with the waddle indicating that the person she was following had a totally soaked diaper.  Molly was incredulous. 
When they got to the car, Molly told Becky to hold up.  She reached into the trunk of the car and retrieved an old towel that Bill kept there.  She placed it on the back seat.  Then she looked sternly at Becky and said, “Well miss potty pants, it looks like you decided to use your diapers instead of the big girl potty.  I don’t want to hear any excuses.  Nothing can possibly justify this.  Sit on this towel so you don’t leak on our car.  Do I need to get you a booster seat?”
Bill just shook his head.  He could not figure out what was happening.  Marty was thrilled at taking Becky down another notch.  Marty stuck her fingers in the side of Becky’s plastic pants and exclaimed, “Her diaper is totally soaked.”
Becky was devastated, again.  She was crying as they drove home.  Molly continued to lecture her on her juvenile behavior.  Becky realized things were not going to get better when they got home.  One more night in this hell, she thought.
Molly and Marty marched her right up to the bedroom.  Molly picked her up put her on the plastic covered changing table..  Becky began to complain and Molly put an immediate stop to that with a quick swat to her inner thighs.  She quickly pulled her dress over her head and handed it to Marty.  She then laid her down and began removing the bloomers and plastic pants.  She was dealing with Becky like a real baby.  And Becky was about ready to give up.  Her Diapers were soaked and they had been soaked for hours. 
“I can’t believe this.  Did you just sit around and wet yourself all afternoon?”
Becky was crying.  She did not even respond. 
As Molly removed the diaper, she gasped.  Becky’s crotch was red.
“Well, miss potty pants you have earned yourself a really good case of diaper rash.  That’ll be around for a few days.  It serves you right.  Marty grab the diaper rash crème.”
Marty was stunned.  She grabbed the crème.  Her mother washed the area with a damp cloth and dried her off with a clean dry flannel.  Becky was wearing nothing but her white anklet socks and a childish camisole.  Molly then picked Becky up and moved over to the bed.  Whereupon, she placed Becky across her lap and began to spank her. 
“I have never been so embarrassed by anyone in my entire life.  Imagine a girl your age can’t get to the bathroom.  Don’t you know every mother there had to have noticed your condition?  I am astounded someone else didn’t offer to change you.  You have an important role in my sister’s wedding and you behave like a spoiled child.  Well you won’t be sitting down comfortably for a while young lady.”  Molly continued to spank Becky’s bottom. 
Becky cried and just whimpered, “I’m sorry.  Aunt Molly, I’m sorry.”  She repeated it over and over again.  Molly continued to chastise her as the spanking continued.  Becky continued to cry and her breathing was in heaving choking breaths. 
When she was done, Molly put Becky back on the changing table and applied the diaper rash crème everywhere.  Turning to the closet, Molly retrieved a new set of thick cotton diapers and efficiently bundled Becky up in them.  She then put a clean pair of plastic pants on her.  Sitting on the changing table in a huge cloth diaper wearing nothing but white socks and a child’s camisole, Becky looked like an overgrown 2 year old.  Marty grabbed the camera and took a quick picture.  Becky was still crying. 
Becky begged Aunt Molly to let her use the bathroom.  Molly just laughed. “Now you want to use the big girl bathroom?  I don’t think so.  You wanted this.  You‘ve got it.  After tomorrow, you’ll be gone.  I wonder if the big girl will return or if you will just keep acting like a little girl.”
Molly left the room for a minute and returned with a blanket sleeper that Marty had used a couple of years ago.  It resembled the sleepers baby’s are put in.  She slipped it onto Becky and zipped her up. With her ringlet covered head, she looked like a Shirley Temple wannabee.
Becky was moved to the crib.  Molly looked at Becky and stated, “Don’t you dare get out of that bed for anything.  I’ll send Marty up with something to drink and you can just go to sleep.  Maybe tomorrow you can try to explain your actions?”
Molly did not want to deal with Becky any more.  Molly told Marty to get Becky some juice or something out of the refrigerator and take it up to her.  Make sure she hasn’t gotten out of bed and then leave her alone. 
Marty found an old sippy cup in the cupboard and filled it with prune juice.  She took it up to Becky.  Becky was still whimpering and ignored her.  Marty left the cup on a table at the end of the crib.  She pulled the side up and left. 
Marty couldn’t help herself.  She slipped in several hours later with another warm bowl of water. 

Chapter 14

In the morning things were not much better. 
Marty reported to her mother that Becky was in bed and that she was soaked again.  Molly fumed for a little while before going to take care of their “little girl”. 
“As far as I’m concerned you are a little girl who has no control her bodily functions.  Therefore, you will leave my home appropriately dressed to protect your clothes and those around you.  I will put you in a nice matching outfit and we will drop you off for your flight.  Then, we will be done with this horrible chain of events.” 
Molly and Marty dressed Becky in clean thick diapers.  Molly asked Marty to apply more of the diaper cream to Becky’s diaper rash which was not getting any better.  Marty did her crotch and then greased up a finger with diaper cream and picked Becky’s legs up.  She slid her finger along the crack of Becky’s bottom.  As she did, she slid the finger along with a strong overnight suppository into Becky’s anus.  It was her final secret gift to Becky. 
Becky started to complain.  But a quick slap from Marty on her still red buttocks silenced her. 
The diaper pins had a metal clasp.  Marty pinched the clasp with a pair of pliers to make them virtually impossible to remove.  She explained that Becky could deal with it when she got home. 
Becky slipped on a crisp white blouse followed by a brown pleated skirt.  Marty tied a little tie around her neck. She said it went with this outfit.  She wore knee high stockings and brown oxford shoes.  A brown headband that matched the skirt held her hair out of her eyes.  Marty held a coat which matched the skirt.  In its pocket was a small beret that matched the outfit. 
Marty packed up what few belongings Becky had arrived with in a bag which had some school logo on it.  She told Becky that since Becky lost her luggage, she could have this bag.  Becky’s bra and adult underwear were put in the trash. 
Becky tried to tell Aunt Molly she was sorry for all the trouble.  Molly seemed unfazed.  Becky climbed out of the car with her ticket in one hand with her coat in the crook of her arm and carrying the school emblazoned satchel in her other hand. 

Chapter 15

When the plane landed Becky was getting uncomfortable.  She had visited the lavatory on the plane and she could not loosen the diaper pins.  She needed to pee and her body was telling her that it wanted to do other things too.  She refused to use the diapers.  Becky just wanted to get home as soon as possible.  She wanted to forget this ordeal. 
Becky got off the plane and was waddling/walking with the other passengers when she heard a woman call her name.  “Becky.  Becky, I’m your driver.  Come on over here honey.”
Becky looked around.  She had not ordered a driver. 
“Mrs. Wilson called and let me know what flight you were on.” 
Oh.  How strange Becky thought?  Maybe Aunt Molly wasn’t really that mad. She walked over towards the lady. 
“Becky, I am Mrs. Prentice.”
“Hello Mrs. Prentice.  I wasn’t expecting to see you.”
“I know honey.  Listen, its chilly outside. I’ll hold your bag while you put on your coat.”
Great she’s another pandering adult thought Becky.  Mrs. Prentice took the bag.  Becky put the coat on.  It was a fitted coat with no collar.  It seemed odd.  But hey, given Aunt Molly and Marty’s attitudes, it was some kid’s clothes they did not want.  Something was better than nothing if it was cold.  She was just looking forward to getting back to her place, getting out of these clothes, USING A BATHROOM, and putting her own clothes back on. 
As they walked out the door to the airport, Mrs. Prentice guided her over towards a passenger van.  There was a man standing near the back door.  He had the doors open and as they approached, he nodded to Mrs. Prentice and said, “Hello little lady.  Let me take your bag.”  And he held out his hand.
Becky was stunned there were two of them.  “Why are there two of you?”
Mrs. Prentice chuckled, “We always travel with at least two escorts.  Let me help you in.”
Becky thought there was something odd.  This did not seem like the normal limo service.  But, she was in a hurry to get home and she overlooked the odd issues.  She carefully climbed into the second row of seats.  Mrs. Prentice got a good view of her diapered behind.  Smiling, Mrs. Prentice climbed into the third row behind her.  “Don’t forget your seat belt?” The driver said as he closed the doors. 
Becky didn’t notice the logo on the side doors since they were not visible when the doors were open.  Otherwise, she would have been surprised to see the same logo as was on her bag.  Also, that logo was on the breast of the coat she had just put on. 
“Becky we were very excited to hear from Molly Wilson.  She is a great benefactor to St. Tinian’s.  Yes, your aunt was very insistent that we pick you up today.  She and your Aunt June both went to our school.  She mentioned you would have the St. Tinian’s bag.”  She was pointing at Becky’s bag on the floor.  “That’s how I knew who you were.”
“What are you talking about?  What is St. Triniar?  What is gong on here?” Becky was trying to understand what was happening.  She realized that Mrs. Prentice had on a jacket with the same logo as the one on her bag.  That’s strange.
“St. Tinian’s.  As I’m sure Aunt Molly explained, we are the best girl’s school in this part of the country.  And I assured her that we would cure your bed wetting problem and any other behavior issues before we let you move on to the high school.  That way you won’t have to wear those bulky diapers anymore.  Of course, that gives us a few years to work on our problems.  Luckily, your uniform hides the diapers from most observers.”
“I’m too old for school.  Years, what grade do you think I’m in?  I don’t wear diapers.  I have to go to work.”
Becky was stunned.  She couldn’t be going to some girl’s school.  She was an adult, not a grade school student.  Had Molly and Marty set her up?  What did she mean saying I’m wearing the school uniform?  Suddenly, the last week totally caught up with her.  She couldn’t control it anymore.  Her mind went on autopilot.  The suppository finally completed its task.  All self control was lost.  She began to cry.  Becky’s system totally voided.  The smell filled the vehicle.
“There, there honey.  We’ll make a lady out of you before you know it.  Bill you’ll need to pull over so I can change our new young lady’s diapers.  She smells like she filled them to the brim.  I brought some clean diapers after they told me your condition.  I’ll bet you can’t wait for your older cousin Marty to get back to school in a few days.  She’ll be a good example for you.”

Becky continued to cry as the van pulled off the road so her diapers could be changed by some stranger who picked her up at the airport.  She was apparently going to be enrolled in grade school instead of going back to work.  She was so confused all she could do was mumble to herself and wonder what else could possibly happen.  


  1. big fan of your stories. nice to see you having your own blog. i enjoy reading your stories on Alec Leamus's blog.

    i love this story, poor girl :P though wouldn't she have been able to show the people taking her to school her passport? as she had just travelled by plane.

  2. Can't wait for more of your stories. delighted you got your own blog.

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      She is really pleased to hear her victims bawl. Nothing is as sweet to her ears as the piteous, woebegone sobbing of a fully-grown woman, responding, as she must, to a blazing, stinging behind. Our heroine, as young and pretty as she was, feels that best pleasure is torturing of young woman, punish them and to have them totally under her control. Yes she has a lot of secret sexual desires, most of them delighted at humiliation others in her authority…

      Our heroine loves her tight pants looks smooth. Underneath her tight pants, she wears black lace thong panties. (Its her nightmare - to be catch in an old fashioned big panties). She feels the smooth fabric on her trim lower body. She felts very safe and secure, "wrapped and packaged" in the nice sexy thong and thigh pants tucked in to knee high leather boots. They clung to her ass and curves, sculpting and defining. She was actually a very sensual girl and loved to rub her hands over the sleek pants, feeling her encased ass, hips, legs and thighs and legs and feet in those high heeled custom made officers boots… A black lace bra completed her underwear (sometime time very short skirt, etc…).
      She adores her sexy leather boots. It isn’t depends how high temperature is – she is really boots wearer-lover all the time. It’s to big pleasure for her to keep her boots on and to see envious sight people around!

      But actually, she is quite a coward, quite scared to face criminals and quite lazy. All goes well for her until a group of young teenage girls arrive in her area. They commit petty crimes but these crimes are increasing by the day and the people are very worried. Due to extreme pressure from the media, she is forced to look into this matter herself.

      But she is not so dedicated and efficient. So the teenage girls easily capture her. Now the humiliation can include lots of spanking. Focus can be on spanking, on her boots taking off, on her tight khaki pants, with them down, with her adorable thong down on half mast in front of everyone, in front of her junior officers with everyone making fun of her. An adult policewoman, defeated, stripped and now being spanked (killed in end?...) by teenage girls (or by a group of older woman, which where punished couple days ago by our “brave” heroines? If you prefer this kind of sort).
      I like the point when the table is turned – when everything what our heroine loved to do her rivals is going back to her: everybody all laugh and jeer at her, and even the woman gang has had to smile at this sophisticated and privileged „Lady“ of the Manor type, naked and pissing in fear as she cried her eyes out in front of them all… where is her haughtiness now? Where is her arrogance now? Where are her loved sexy boots now?... symbol of her power?...

      I don't know whether this idea interest you, but I would seriously love it if some themes of it can read in your stories. Do you turn your attention on my ideas?.

  4. i love this story. i'd love to see marty become becky's babysitter, enforcing bedtime, timeouts and spankings.

  5. This story was brilliant, very much like some old classics by Hal that we rarely see any more.

  6. I hope that we get more of Becky's adventures!

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