Saturday, September 9, 2017

Car Seat 5

Car Seat [Part 5]

By Daring Diane

Chapter 49

Rainbow Dash was clutched tight to her chest as the first light shown through the windows of the nursery. Opening her eyes, Melissa realized that what she hoped was a bad dream was in fact a nightmare reality. She was sleeping in the juvenile bed in the nursery. She found herself squeezing Rainbow so hard, she was surprised the stuffed animal did not explode.

Slowly sitting up in bed, Melissa looked around the nursery and remembered many happy moments here with her daughter. She found herself smiling as she remembered Mary running around the room, bath times, and all the memories associated with watching her little one grow up.

When Mary called, “Melissa, time to get ready for school.” Melissa’s new reality came home.

Melissa visited the bathroom and returned to the nursery. She pulled out a clean school uniform, blouse and then approached the dresser. Opening the top drawer, she found her socks. The second drawer gave her pause. Training pants along with her childish panties felt weird but possibly ok. Her camisoles matched the underwear and again felt ok. But her bras screamed for a re-evaluation. Why would there be bras in a drawer with little girl clothing.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Car Seat 4

Car Seat [Part 4]

By Daring Diane

Chapter 41

Melissa was up on Wednesday morning and took another moment to actually look at herself in a mirror before getting dressed. It was depressing. Other than her areola and nipples, her body was at this moment indistinguishable from a very young girl. She was worried about what might happen if someone ever found her like this. Even with her chest, it might be impossible to convince a stranger of her actual age.

Melissa quickly tried to push these ideas from her mind as she put on her childish underwear and her school uniform. Looking back in the mirror, she wasn’t sure if this was better or worse. The school uniform certainly did nothing to convince anyone she was an adult.

The loss of her hair and these realizations sapped more of Melissa’s self-confidence. Trying to assimilate all of these changes in her life, Melissa’s mind wandered as she entered the kitchen and Mary put a bowl of cereal in front of her with some fruit. Melissa wondered when Mary had become the person serving breakfast.

Mary announced it was time to go to school. Mary locked the door as they were leaving to walk to the bus stop. As they walked away, Melissa found herself looking over her shoulder to see if someone was there sending her on her way to school. It felt like there should be someone there to say goodbye.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

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I am committed to my site here.  But I have written several other stories that are in different genres.  I have recently published my first attempt at a book for sale on Amazon.  I will be adding others over time.The book has a TG/CD theme and is different than much of my work here.

The title is Kappa Delta Girls. Find it here:

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Thank you

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Old Stories not lost

I have recently added some old stories from Hal, Katchase, C. Lakewood. and Andrea Foster.  I will be adding more over the next few weeks.  Please check back. 7/13/17

I added several more stories for Katchase and Hal. 7/21/17

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Car Seat 3

Car Seat [Part 3]

By Daring Diane

Chapter 28

As Melissa entered her homeroom, Miss Thompson called her over.

She said, “Melissa I believe the Principal gave you your class schedule. However, if you have any questions on where to go, you should just follow Teresa. She has the same schedule as you do. Ok?”

Melissa nodded, “Yes, Mam.”

Melissa went to her seat. When homeroom was over, Melissa followed Teresa out of their homeroom and three doors down. The teacher asked Melissa her name and saw her name had been added to the class list. Melissa sat in an empty chair near Teresa.

The class was a math class. Class had been going on for about 20 minutes when there was a call from the office for Melissa. Melissa got up to leave. As she did, the teacher gave her a textbook and several sheets of paper with math problems on them. Melissa retrieved her book bag from her locker and put the text book and papers in her book bag. Melissa met Brittany in the office and they left for the office.

Brittany was excited to notice that Melissa had on different underwear. And yet, it appeared more juvenile than her previous style. And, as Melissa had a drink of water, Brittany got a clear view of Melissa’s new underwear in her rearview mirror. Brittany thought that My Little Pony was the perfect design for a little girl like Melissa.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Car Seat 2

Car Seat [Part 2]

By Daring Diane

Chapter 16

Melissa soaked in a hot bath and applied the ointment afterward.  She slept on her side that night to minimize any residual pain.  By morning the pain was gone. But, the message was not.  Melissa was going to follow the rules.  She donned her childish panties.  She then put on a cotton bra which she seldom wore.  She did not want to get in trouble for wearing the wrong kind of bra.  Then she added the cotton camisole instead of her silky camisole.  She then checked her uniform and confirmed everything was correct.  She had on no makeup and she had her jewelry in her book bag.
Melissa looked younger than her daughter as they approached the school bus.  Parents who had been watching the slow transformation did not know what to think. 
Susan Adams was grabbing a coffee and stopped by to chat with the school nurse.  The nurse asked, “Who got the paddle yesterday?”
Susan smiled and said, “The new girl in fourth grade, Melissa.”
The nurse screwed up her face.  “Isn’t that Melissa Martin Mary's mom.  I thought she was just riding the bus.  Why would you be paddling an adult?’
The school board decided that she has to follow the rules and the state said she had to be assigned to a homeroom.  I assigned her to the fourth grade homeroom since those were the kids she was sitting with on the bus.  But now she has to follow the rules which includes following the dress code. “
“Some of the other girls asked why she was wearing jewelry and makeup.  We had already had issue with her wearing the wrong shoes and blouse.  I told her the last time that if she couldn’t follow the rules, she would pay the price.  Yesterday she agreed she deserved to be punished.”
“The funny thing was that when I went to paddle her I found out she was wearing Victoria Secret silky panties.  That was of course another violation.  So the paddling went on a little longer than originally planned.”
The nurse thought a moment.  “Wow, so she has to follow all the same rules as the other kids?”
Susan nodded. “I think we have it all covered now.
The nurse thought and asked, “Do you want her to follow the rules or are you looking to break her because of her previous tirades?”
Susan got a quizzical look on her face. “Why do you ask?”
The nurse asked, “Did you check her bra?”

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Car Seat

Car Seat 

By Daring Diane


Melissa Martin was a successful real estate agent in town.  She worked at one of the bigger offices and was often in the running for top sales person each month. 
Melissa was the envy of all the young agents coming into the company.  Melissa started as every agent did answering the phones and doing the grunt work.  She worked long hours.  Melissa put in that extra effort that many people were unwilling to deliver.  She rose to the top of the sales ranks in just a few years.  She fielded cold calls, she sought out new listing opportunities and she closed sales.  She sold property other people could not move. 
Melissa had style and she dressed the part.  Melissa wore expensive, stylish suits.  Her blouses were the envy of every woman in the office.  She always wore heels of 3 inches or more.  Her make-up was perfect and she wore her hair in a longer style which emphasized that she was a professional but still young. 
Melissa kept her personal and professional lives separate. 
Melissa was still young 
Melissa had her daughter, Mary, while still in high school.  She had given herself to a boyfriend believing that was how she would hold onto him.  When she turned up pregnant, the boyfriend and any others she had known evaporated.  The first few years were hard and her mother helped them a lot. 
Melissa never dressed casually in public because she claimed she had to protect her professional image.  The real reason was she looked young enough in casual clothes that people were more likely to think she was Mary’s sister than her mother.  No one but Mary ever saw Melissa in casual clothes. 
Melissa could be a task master.  She raised her daughter to be self-sufficient.  She was protective of Mary.  She wanted her to take responsibility for things that were her fault.  But if someone tried to hurt or take advantage of Mary, they would find Melissa ready to confront them to protect her daughter. 
If Melissa had a flaw it was that she was willing to do almost anything to close a deal.  Nothing unsavory, mind you.  She got sellers to take a little less and over-estimate the conditions of homes.  She got buyers to ignore potential issues which might cause large surprise expenses in the first year or two of ownership.  She believed that once the deal was done, she was no longer responsible.
Melissa always said, “If you read the rules, you will always know what you are getting yourself into.”  Melissa would point out to people that most of their problems could be attributed to their not reading disclosures or rules ahead of time.  Complaining about them later was tough for them.  If you don’t read the rules, you will pay the price.