Saturday, August 11, 2018

Gold Digger Bride Demoted to Grade School: A forced age regression novella on Amazon

This post is notification of a new book of mine available on Amazon.
Word Count: 39,000+

This is a total rewrite of a story I posted years ago on this site.   There is expanded content and a more consistent story line.  It focuses on age regression and social demotion.

This is the story of a new bride jumping into a family with a high school age daughter and a strong housekeeper who has raised the daughter since the mother died several years before.
Both the housekeeper and the daughter view the new bride as an invader and are not happy about the situation. The new bride who is only a few years older than the daughter while much younger than the father would like to exert her own guidance and control within the family.

Circumstances create a situation where the new bride is mistaken for a student and before we know what has happened, she has been registered for classes in a grade school. The housekeeper conspires with several medical friends to extend the new bride’s time in grade school. The daughter is a willing accomplice in the effort.

Will our new bride escape or will she be relegated to grade school?
How will the husband deal with his bride attending grade school?


As opposed to many of my stories, this story does not involve cross-dressing or any gender issues at all.

This story is fantasy and fiction. There is no magic, mysterious pill or medallion to change the victim.

There is no explicit sex. If this is what you are looking for, move on.

Drugs are used to enhance mind-control and alter behavior.

This is a story of a young adult woman being put back into grade school and losing all the rights and privileges she had prior to that. Social Demotion, stripped of clothing, embarrassment.


While I, like all writers, love comments and reviews, please remember that this is a fantasy piece and is meant to skirt the edges of reality. It is unlikely that this could happen in the real world and I agree ahead of time that several laws have been broken but maybe it’s fun to think and read about.


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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

6th book-Cheerleader: College - Starting Over (Lee Corcoran Book 6)

I did not set up separate posts for every volume in this series.  This is the sixth book and is the longest story in the series so far at over 100,000 words.

College, Starting Over, the sixth book in the Lee Corcoran series, follows Lee Corcoran, a freshman in college at the University of Michigan whose life is not going totally as planned. 
Let’s be honest, if you want to understand everything, reading the previous five books is the only way.  The books follow Lee and his best friend Darby, a girl. 

As a freshman in high school Lee became involved in a girls cheerleading program as an advisor and trainer where he was reluctantly introduced to crossdressing.  Lee found that he enjoyed the softer side of clothing.  Circumstances forced Lee to wear a feminine wardrobe in more and more situations.  

Throughout high school, Lee dated, participated in cheerleading, was the starting shortstop on the baseball team for four years and wore women’s underwear and outer clothes virtually all the time.  

He and his friends accomplished a lot and Lee ended up being a cheerleader and in his senior year he was the head cheerleader.  

Over time Darby learned of Lee’s preferences for certain feminine attire.  

In their senior year, Lee is the captain of the cheerleading squad and eventually breaks up with his girlfriend.  Lee and Darby learn that they might earn scholarships to college and there is even the possibility of free college.  They visit several schools and have several recruiters visit them.  Lee is worried that he cannot be a cheerleader in college since he is a male.  

Finally, Lee and his squad win the state championship and eventually the national competition cheerleading championship.  Lee and Darby figure out they like each other and begin dating.  

In the end the colleges know his secret and still want him to be a cheerleader.
Every crossdresser has their own story of how their fetish developed.  They also have a personal story on how they integrate crossdressing into their life.  This story deals with a reluctant crossdresser who tries not to sacrifice his manhood while enjoying his unusual choice in clothing.  

This book tries to deal with crossdressing as part of a real life.  In many ways, Lee has a life many real world crossdressers only dream of. 

Given the ages of the characters, the story does not involve explicit sex.  

Young adult readers should be comfortable reading this book.  


The Cheerleader series follows Lee Corcoran as he grows, matures, and experiences life from pre-high school through college.  The main characters in this story will be recurring in other installments in the series.  


Daring Diane

Concepts: Cheerleading, Romance, Coming of Age, Young Love, Dating, Sororities, Bullying, Sports, Cross-Dressing, etc.

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner.  Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Where have I Been?

Where have I been?  Great Question.  My poor blog, stories and loyal readers have all felt abandoned.  And, that is right for them to feel that way.    I am sorry.

What happened?  Real Life. 

Financial concerns suddenly weighed heavier than anything.  While, like many, I have written for years and shared selected pieces with others, I also keep much of my personal life private.  While I write for fun, I have always wondered if anyone would actually pay for things I had written.  Circumstance forced me to test the waters and frankly I was surprised by the way my pieces have been received.  This caused me to refocus my time and efforts to take advantage of the interest.  Therefore over the last 5 months I have been heavily focused on writing and finishing a number of stories I had worked on and not published.  It was necessary to firmly test the reading interest and to have a quality product to publish since I had no interest in a poorly written piece of junk.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

2nd and 3rd Cheerleader Books are on Amazon. Boy Can Cheer and Lee will Cheer

Cheerleader:Boy Can Cheer is a new book I released on Amazon a few days ago is the sequal to Boy for the Cheer.

Cheerleader:Lee Will Cheer is a new book I released on Amazon is the sequal to Boy Can Cheer.

The link on Amazon is

This is the second book in the Lee Corcoran Series.

This story is a romantic coming of age story with a cross-dressing theme.  It is different than the stories I post on this site.  This was a large effort which developed over the last year.  There are a minimum of four stories in the series and the first three are already completed.

You can read a pretty long preview without buying the book on Amazon.

If you buy the book and like it, please leave a review.

I appreciate everyone's support

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Cheerleader:Boy for the Cheer - New Book on Amazon

Cheerleader:Boy for the Cheer is a new book I released on Amazon a few days ago.

The link on Amazon is

This story is a romantic coming of age story with a cross-dressing theme.  It is different than the stories I post on this site.  This was a large effort which developed over the last year.  The book is part of a series.  There are a minimum of four stories in the series and the first three are already completed.

You can read a pretty long preview without buying the book on Amazon.

If you buy the book and like it, please leave a review.

I felt stymied on Car Seat and worked on several other older stories and a couple of new ideas to see where my muse directed me.  I believe the next episode of Car Seat should be coming near the end of the month.

I appreciate everyone's support

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Car Seat 6

Car Seat [Part 6]

By Daring Diane

Chapter 58

Melissa was comfortable in math class because she had been going to that class pretty much daily. As math was ending, Principal Adams was waiting to talk to her. “Melissa, Miss Woods has some obligations and I wanted to make sure you had your full class schedule.”

Brittany had not discussed classes or her exit with Melissa. Melissa was still distracted thinking about the agreement she had signed that morning. She reviewed the class schedule and nodded to Principal Adams. The principal told her Teresa had the same schedule.

After math, Melissa followed Teresa to communication arts which appeared to be the new style English class. The teacher noted her arrival and checked her name on the class roll.

After English class, Teresa led her to a technology class where the students were learning about web sites and how to design and build web pages. Melissa was overwhelmed with the new classes and trying to get comfortable. At lunch after technology, Melissa went through the cafeteria line and had no idea where to sit. She found an empty table and sat down staring at her lunch. Teresa and Jennifer saw Melissa and decided to join her to figure out why she was now attending more classes.

The girls could tell that Melissa was upset. But, they simply sat down and made themselves at home. They talked about a couple of things that happened at school the day before.

Noticing that Melissa seemed genuinely upset, Jennifer asked, “Melissa, are you okay?”

Melissa looked up. “I guess.”

Teresa pushed on, “Will you be coming to regular classes all the time?”

Melissa thought for a moment, “I’m not sure. I usually have to go somewhere during the day. But, today I will be here for all my classes. I am not sure what will happen tomorrow or in the future.”

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Car Seat 5

Car Seat [Part 5]

By Daring Diane

Chapter 49

Rainbow Dash was clutched tight to her chest as the first light shown through the windows of the nursery. Opening her eyes, Melissa realized that what she hoped was a bad dream was in fact a nightmare reality. She was sleeping in the juvenile bed in the nursery. She found herself squeezing Rainbow so hard, she was surprised the stuffed animal did not explode.

Slowly sitting up in bed, Melissa looked around the nursery and remembered many happy moments here with her daughter. She found herself smiling as she remembered Mary running around the room, bath times, and all the memories associated with watching her little one grow up.

When Mary called, “Melissa, time to get ready for school.” Melissa’s new reality came home.

Melissa visited the bathroom and returned to the nursery. She pulled out a clean school uniform, blouse and then approached the dresser. Opening the top drawer, she found her socks. The second drawer gave her pause. Training pants along with her childish panties felt weird but possibly ok. Her camisoles matched the underwear and again felt ok. But her bras screamed for a re-evaluation. Why would there be bras in a drawer with little girl clothing.