Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Do Clothes (Un)Make the Woman?

Do Clothes (Un)Make the Woman?
By Daring Diane

Chapter 1
"Mom, why do you buy me all these little girl clothes.  I'm in high school.  I need to dress like a woman."
"Young lady, you are indeed in high school.  And someday you will learn that the clothes do not make the woman.  People will love you and understand you based on your character and who you are.   The clothes are just decorations.  I am not suggesting that clothes are not important.  Obviously, for work and important events, we need to dress appropriately.  But, you should work to be a good person."
"Mom, when I wear the clothes you buy for me, everyone thinks I'm a little kid."
"Then I suggest you begin to act more mature.  Then these people will realize you are older and they will treat you that way.  Honey, this is an important lesson.  Baby, you are a sophomore in high school and you are an inch taller than I am.  People don't think I'm a kid.  It is not your size and it is not the clothes.  It is how you deal with people."
"Mom I can't believe you are that naive."
"I am not naive.  I have real life experience and I know how the world works."
"Mom you are just being silly.  The clothes are what people see.  It is how they make all their initial impressions and with kids, they seldom ever give us a chance to show them how old we actually are."
"When you are older, you will realize I am right.  I am absolutely correct and you can bank on it.  Honey, you have to understand that there are things I know that you do not and this is one of those things."
Her daughter looked at her mother and appraised her.  "You seem pretty convinced.  Are you sure enough for us to have one of our bets?"

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Dot Com Success, Career Restart

Dot Com Success, Career Restart

By Daring Diane

Chapter 1

The woman stared at her and sarcastically stated, “Well Jennifer, I guess you finally found time to fit us into your schedule.”
Jennifer just stared at the woman.  Finally, she said, “Well, the reason I came in was because I didn’t get my unemployment deposit.  When I called, they said I had to come in.
After a pause, Mrs. Sarcastic continued, “Yes, we can be a little annoying.  I know what an inconvenience it can be to have to come over here and discuss your situation.  I mean being out of work, I’m sure you are keeping a busy schedule.  Have you had a lot of interviews lately?”
Jennifer paused and then admitted, “Not really.  I haven’t gotten a good lead in over a week.  But, I keep sending out the resumes and working the network.”
“That’s great.  Now Jennifer, as you know, when you file your periodic paperwork to maintain your unemployment benefits, you are asked to document your job contacts and resume submissions.”
“Yes, I have tried to do that.”
“And with each of those submissions, you file a statement indicating that you are capable to work and available to work.”
“Yes, I know” Jennifer answered.
“And finally, you are asked if you have received any offers of employment.”
“Right, and I say no and then I am finished.”
“Rrrightt,” Mrs. Sarcastic said staring at Jennifer.  “So just to clarify, you have not received any job offers?”
“No, I have not.”
“Ok Jennifer, can you please sign this form confirming that you have not gotten any job offers?”

Friday, April 11, 2014

New Story Status

I know many people have asked what the delay is.
I am working on several very long stories.  I may start by putting one of them up in parts.  Historically, I have only distributed finished stories.  That is because in my development effort, I often end up rewriting major portions of a story.

I will have something up soon.


Thursday, November 7, 2013

Earning a PHD

Earning a PHD

By Daring Diane

As she sat in the headmaster’s office, Christina was relieved.  Christina was completing her PHD in education.  As part of her research, she proposed to observe a 6th grade class for a minimum of 8 weeks.  The headmaster told her the proposal was fine as long as Christina was not a disruption and as long as she worked within the rules of the school. 

Headmaster Sarah Winters ran the Applegate Academy for Young Women with an iron fist. 


Christina was told that all students, teachers and administrators had to read and understand all of the school rules, methodology and disciplinary procedures.  Christina read and signed the documents.

She would be initially observing a 6th grade class.  Christina signed a form agreeing to follow the schedule for the 6th grade students and classes she would be observing.  Depending on what Christina learned, her proposal included an option to work with one of the other grades as her research progressed. 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Halloween-School Uniform

“Hello,” There was a pause as the person listened to the caller. 

“Yes, this is Carol Parker.”  Another pause followed. 

“Yes, It will take me a while.  But, I’ll be there soon.  Thank you.”

Carol took a deep breath and walked over to her supervisor.

“Louise, I just got a call from Mary Carol’s school.  Something happened and she is in the office.  I need to go over there.  Hopefully, I can get back here pretty fast.”

Louise had an understanding look on her face.  “Of course.  These things happen.  If you can’t get back I understand.  I hope everything is alright.”  Louise then got a mischievous look on her face and added, “At least, you’re dressed for school.  Have fun.  It’s Halloween.  Don’t bother coming back.  I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Endorsement

The Endorsement
By Daring Diane

Shana Marikova had been one of the darlings of the international tennis scene for a couple of years now.  She was cute and had that young look that made her a fantasy for all the fans out there.  As with several other young stars in recent years, she seemed to be more successful with her public relations than with her career.  Though she had some surprise wins over major stars, she just did not seem to be able to actually win a major tournament.  She was breaking even as a player, but she was making money by sponsoring products.   She kept pushing her agent to find a deal that would make her rich.  She along with many on the tour recognized that the long term money was in endorsement deals. 

The sponsoring company would have you wear their logo or the company name on the player's hat, shirt, skirt, pants, shoes, bag, or whatever else they could get a name printed on.  Some clothing companies wanted you to wear their clothes even when not playing.  Product companies wanted you to use their products and be in commercials. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

The Fixers - Slutwear

The Fixers - Slutwear
By Daring Diane

A young looking girl slammed into the restroom.  She was wearing a tissue thin camisole top with no bra and a micro mini-skirt along with 2 inch heeled sandals decorated with little fake jewels.  Her top stopped mid-belly and she had on way to much make-up.  Her hair was held back in a bandana kerchief.  

Chris Kelly was a mother of five with her youngest in high school.  Chris had a bad morning and she and her friends had gone to the mall to blow off some steam.  They were just finishing up in the restroom before the arrival of the young lady in their midst.

The new arrival dashed over to the sink and elbowed her way in front of Chris.  As she turned on the water, she mumbled, "Hey, try not to hog the sink. I need to wash my face."

Chris was taken aback by the rude behavior and responded firmly, "Excuse me little girl, but why don't you wait your turn?  Or at least have the manners to ask before barging in front of us."