Thursday, July 13, 2017

Old Stories not lost

I have recently added some old stories from Hal, Katchase, C. Lakewood. and Andrea Foster.  I will be adding more over the next few weeks.  Please check back. 7/13/17

I added several more stories for Katchase and Hal. 7/21/17


  1. Thanks for sharing those stories. I am sure your readers will appreciate them.

    I've left a tiny message in LSF. You might be interested.

  2. What's LSF, if you don't mind my asking?

    Also, thanks for reposting these old tales, it would be a real pity if they were to disappear from the internet entirely, especially if Yahoo Groups ever goes the way of Lycos' Clubs.

    I've got a total archive of Lakewood's works, but never got everyone else's before the Leamus's Magic Box site died again. So it's good to see the old masters getting reposted.

    Are you only going to be posting those with ageplay themes, or also the asylum, prison, and general bimbo-related tales as well?

    Thanks again, and can't wait for Car Seat 4,

    - B-Rex, of

    1. LSF Library of Spanking Fiction
      I have most of Alec's stuff. But Alec might not want me to post it all. Some of it was based on relationships people had with Alec. He told me his site will be back.

  3. I am still positive that I've sent the message. In fact, when I checked, the message icon from my account tells me that you have opened it as well. Goodgulf once told me the LSF has a shitty message system and may be for the first time I am experiencing this. Sorry for your trouble.

    You can check the links. They are actually in letter format. One tiny advice - The oldest comments (replies) are at the bottom and the newest one's are at the top. It would be better to arrange them in order when you read them.

    I was not sure if you wanted them on your blog as they are slightly different and more related to spanking than age regression. So I didn't want share the links here at the first place. I think we're past that now. Good day.

  4. Thank you for archiving so many of my stories. You truly are an remarkable author in your own right. I have enjoyed reading many of your stories with your new plot devices which infuse new life into what has become a rather predictable storylines. I would love to discuss a possible future joint venture on a few stories that have been rattling around my head for quite some time. Your fresh perspective is truly a breath of fresh air and quite exhilarating to see unfold so masterfully.

    1. Thank you for your comments. I watched things go into hiding on the internet too many times. I have tried to archive or document how to recover lost pieces of stories. I would be happy to chat about some of your ideas and a possible joint venture.

      BTW you had a story titled 'The Story' I have all but one part. Looking for part 6. It required serious editing. I have put some time into it. Story about Jenny wants a job at NY magazine to qualify for trust. They say she is too old..... Let me know if you have it.

  5. I unfortunately do not have it as that was written using a WebTV and when mine suddenly died I upgraded to a real computer but lost all my stories. THE STORY was actually my first attempt at writing at all and actually caught the attention of the very talented HAL whom I was fortunate enough to collaborate on for a few stories. In fact, his story ''First hand experience" was written using some of my plot devices though the story was solely written by him and is totally his own work.
    I appreciate any work you may have put into editing it as god knows it needed it though I guess it wasn't too bad for a first

    If you have anyway of contacting HAL you should as I believe he has the story in its entirety and used to jest about how could I possibly have lost my own stories or use a

    Is there a way of privately e-mailing you to discuss a future collaboration..if so PLEASE let me know.


  6. Lost? I had all those stories :)

    1. Tcheser nice to know you are visiting. The faithful have them. But they become harder to find for new readers as sites go away. I just wanted to have some of them here and easy to find.

      I am alway looking for your new stories. 😊

    2. I can't talk of others but after "Beyond The Magic Box" went down, I missed the stories. There are too few writers who write stories of such genre and one by one they are not into this anymore. After sometime, I thought I should collect the stories myself before more of them are wiped out from the internet.

      Old collectors may have them personally stored but for me it was tough to track down the old sites and writers. What Diane shared here, took me almost 6 months to find and still I missed few. It was not just the story locations but also I had to filter out the stories by certain writers as well - and clues/hints were hard to come by.

      I hope the authors don't mind and permit Diane to share the stories. People will have a much easier time to find and read the stories and enjoy them together. I think this is a very generous deed and hope DD will share more.

      Tcheser, I am a fan of yours as well. Always enjoyed your stories and captions. I hope you are still working on them and in near future we can see them.

      Thanks to both of you for your wonderful wonderful works.