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Car Seat 4

Car Seat [Part 4]

By Daring Diane

Chapter 41

Melissa was up on Wednesday morning and took another moment to actually look at herself in a mirror before getting dressed. It was depressing. Other than her areola and nipples, her body was at this moment indistinguishable from a very young girl. She was worried about what might happen if someone ever found her like this. Even with her chest, it might be impossible to convince a stranger of her actual age.

Melissa quickly tried to push these ideas from her mind as she put on her childish underwear and her school uniform. Looking back in the mirror, she wasn’t sure if this was better or worse. The school uniform certainly did nothing to convince anyone she was an adult.

The loss of her hair and these realizations sapped more of Melissa’s self-confidence. Trying to assimilate all of these changes in her life, Melissa’s mind wandered as she entered the kitchen and Mary put a bowl of cereal in front of her with some fruit. Melissa wondered when Mary had become the person serving breakfast.

Mary announced it was time to go to school. Mary locked the door as they were leaving to walk to the bus stop. As they walked away, Melissa found herself looking over her shoulder to see if someone was there sending her on her way to school. It felt like there should be someone there to say goodbye.

The ride to school was uneventful. Melissa was in the routine. She made her way to her homeroom. She said hello to a few of the other girls. The boys seemed to ignore her. Melissa ate her school breakfast and did all the homeroom stuff. She gathered her books at the bell and moved on to her math class.

Realizing that Melissa left early every day, the teacher tried to make sure to ask Melissa questions at the start of class, before she left. Melissa realized this and lately she had taken a few minutes at the office to look at her math work to ensure she did not fall behind in the class.


Last week, Sherry Richardson’s mother called the school office and asked the secretary to confirm the address of one of Sherry’s friends. Mrs. Richardson was throwing a birthday party for Sherry and wanted to include all the fourth grade girls. The secretary took great delight in making sure Sherry’s mother got not only the updated address, but the contact information for the newest fourth grade girl, little Melissa Martin.

Sherry’s mother was very embarrassed that Melissa had not been on her original list and thanked the secretary for the information. After the call, she told Principal Adams. Susan Adams congratulated her on doing a great job. They both smiled silently thinking about Melissa at a party for fourth grade girls.

Mrs. Richardson stopped by the office early that afternoon and dropped paperwork off with the secretary.

Chapter 42

When Brittany dropped Melissa off at school, the secretary came out of the office and called her over. Brittany followed to see what the issue might be.

Melissa, “You were not here in class this afternoon. I had a note for you and Miss Woods.” Looking up at Brittany she continued, “Sherry Richardson is having a birthday party this Saturday. They didn’t realize there was a new girl in the class. Her mother asked me to make sure that you and your guardian knew about the party and to please ask you to come. She is very sorry she did not get the invitation to you sooner. I have a note for Miss Woods and here is the invitation.”

With that, the secretary delivered the two notes and bid them good day.

Melissa was staring at the party invitation while Brittany was opening the note. Brittany smiled.

Melissa said, “I’m not going to some children’s birthday party. So, don’t get any ideas.”

With that Melissa turned and headed for her school bus. Yes, that was determined little Melissa in her grade school uniform swishing back and forth as she tried to look so grown up after making her declaration.

Brittany thought, “We’ll see about that.”

Brittany read the note again.
Dear Ms. Woods,

I understand that you are Melissa Martin’s guardian.  I feel awful that Melissa did not get her invitation when the other girls did.  I had no idea there was a new girl in the class.  Sherry has mentioned Melissa a few times and I want Melissa to feel included.  I beg you to please find a way to allow Melissa to attend the party.  We will start at 11 on Saturday.  The girls will have lunch followed by cake and ice cream.  I have several games for the girls to play and I just know it would be a good opportunity for Melissa to get to know her classmates a little better. 
The other girls will be wearing pretty party dresses.  I hope you can stay for the party. It is always nice for the adults to have a chance to get to know each other. 

Again, for Sherry and Melissa, please bring Melissa by on Saturday. 

Sincerely. …. Followed by the address.

Brittany needed to make sure that Melissa had a nice party dress for Saturday.

That evening, Brittany called Mrs. Richardson and assured her that Melissa was excited to come to the party. Mrs. Richardson seemed very relieved and she assured Brittany that she would be welcome to stay and meet the other adults and watch the children enjoying their party. Mrs. Richardson concluded, “Brittany, there is nothing so fulfilling as a mother than to see your little girl having fun and sharing time with all of her other little friends. Don’t you agree?”

Brittany assured her that she agreed and said she would see her on Saturday. As she hung up, Brittany’s smile was almost ear to ear.

Chapter 43

On Thursday, Melissa and Mary arrived at school as usual. Melissa was in Math and expected to be called out at any moment. And yet, Math class seemed to go on. Melissa looked at the clock and realized that Math class was almost over. Suddenly, Melissa had no idea what she would have to do if she was there after math class. She began looking around to identify the girls she was supposed to go to class with.

As Melissa’s anxiety was peaking, with 2 minutes left in math class, a call came telling Melissa that after math class, she should go to the office.

As Melissa heard the call she relaxed so suddenly that she almost had an accident. She had not realized how wound up she was. Her entire body felt like it was in a knot. Melissa scooted over to the nearest little girls’ room. Then she visited her locker and made her way to the office.

As she entered the office, she saw Brittany talking to Principal Adams and the secretary. They all looked at her like they knew something she did not. All three were smiling.


Earlier, Brittany arrived later than usual to the office on Thursday. She looked at the clock and took her time getting to the office. She told the secretary that there was no rush today. She suggested that Melissa should come to the office when her math class ended to avoid disturbing the other children in class.

Brittany thanked the secretary for the invitation and letter she gave them last night.

The secretary said, “I have to admit, I enjoyed alerting Mrs. Richardson that there was a new girl in class she did not know about. We want your little darling to feel right at home with her fourth grade classmates.”

The Principal had heard conversation and she came out into the office. Brittany and the secretary related the party invitation story to the principal.

Brittany mentioned that Melissa had declared she was not going to some children’s party. She mentioned talking to Mrs. Richardson and telling her that Melissa would surely attend the party. Brittany said in a conspiratorial tone, I think our little girl needs to remember who is in charge.

At that moment, all three women turned to see little Melissa strolling into the office in her little school girl uniform.


Brittany was all business. She grabbed Melissa’s hand and all but dragged her out to the car like she was a reluctant toddler. “Come along Melissa. I have important things to do and you don’t seem to have a care in the world.”

Melissa’s school bag was put on the seat and she raised her hands. Brittany picked her up and placed her in her car seat. After harnessing her in, Melissa tried to regain her composure.

Brittany wanted to laugh as the little girl in the school uniform tried to get a serious look on her face like she was mad. If Brittany didn’t know better she would have thought Melissa was having an accident in her chair. Melissa screwed up her face and suddenly said, “Brittany, where have you been? I was stuck in my math class for the entire period. I almost had to go to another class. I am so …”

Brittany tried not to laugh. She reached across Melissa and snatched up the pacifier. As Melissa tried to continue her rant. Brittany simply shoved the pacifier in her mouth silencing her complaints.

Brittany was shaking her head, “Little girls should learn to be seen and not heard. Also, it is improper for little girls to use their guardian’s first name. Guardians and parents do not have to explain themselves to children. The children have to realize that the adults have important things to do and their schedules cannot always she adjusted to keep the children happy. If that pacifier comes out of your mouth, you will regret it.”

Melissa was a little bit scared of Brittany at the moment. She was certainly glad she went to the little girls’ room before leaving school. She found herself sucking hard on the pacifier and staring with wide eyes at Brittany.

Brittany closed the door to the car and got into the driver’s seat. Brittany was clearly not driving towards the office. However, Melissa was a little too scared at the moment to try and ask where they were going.

When Brittany pulled up in front of the local mall, Melissa almost swallowed the pacifier.

With a broad smile, Brittany turned to look at the wide-eyed Melissa as she tried to inhale the pacifier. “Honey, we’re at the mall. Aren’t you excited?”

Brittany exited the car and opened Melissa’s door. Melissa had her hands on the harness lock and was trying to prevent Brittany from getting her out of the car. Brittany looked like she had gone insane. Melissa was scared what would happen next. And, frankly, Melissa did not feel much different than any other little girl might in this situation. Melissa felt a tear running down her cheek as she stared fearfully at Brittany.

Brittany leaned back against the door. “Melissa, Melissa. What am I going to do with you? I am your guardian. I assume you remember that.”

Melissa nodded slowly while trying not to break down into sobs.

“Melissa, your guardian needs to stop at the mall this morning to run a couple of errands. It is against the law for me to leave you unattended in the closed up car. Therefore, you have to come with me. Now, whether you want to or not, you are going into the mall with me. And, if you do not remove your hands from that harness this instant, you will not be sitting down for the rest of the day. Do I make myself clear?”

Melissa had more tears running down her cheeks now. But she was more afraid of the punishment. She slowly removed her hands. Brittany released her harness.

“Melissa, do you want to walk around the mall in your fourth grade school uniform sucking on a baby’s pacifier? I’ll be happy to unlock it from your chair. It’s just a little juvenile for a big girl like you. Fourth graders don’t usually need a pacifier. Don’t you want to act like a good little fourth grade girl?”

Melissa surely did not want to look juvenile. But somehow the pacifier provided some focus for her tension. Melissa reached up and pulled the pacifier out of her mouth and said, “Yes, I want to be a good fourth grade girl. I will leave my pacifier here in the car.”

Brittany wanted to simply start laughing. Melissa wants to be a good fourth grade girl and she just took ownership of her pacifier. Shaking her head, Brittany leaned into the car.

Melissa raised her hands like a toddler and Brittany removed her from her car seat.

Brittany could not resist and asked, “Are you dry honey? You didn’t have an accident did you?”

Melissa did not immediately realize how insulting the question was and simply responded, “No I went to the little girls’ room before I left school. So I did not have any accidents.”

Brittany thought she sounded very proud of herself.

After locking up the car, Brittany took Melissa’s hand and walked towards the mall.

Chapter 44

Brittany stopped in a professional women’s store where she knew Melissa loved to shop. Melissa pulled against her arm as Brittany dragged her into the store. One of the Melissa’s favorite sales ladies came right over to help Brittany.

“I’m sorry.” Brittany said, “My name is Brittany and Little Melissa is acting up today. Now, Melissa, the nice lady and I have to talk about adult clothes. I need you to sit in this chair and be good for me.”

The sales lady looked right at Melissa and gave her a syrupy smile and said, Aren’t you just the cutest thing? What grade are you in?”

Melissa answered without thinking, “Fourth grade.”

“And where do you go to school?”

Melissa told her the name of the school.

“I love your uniform. Do you put it on all by yourself or do you need help?”

Melissa could not believe she was having this conversation with someone she knew. “I dress all by myself.”

“Such a big girl. Now, let me help Miss Brittany find some big girl clothes. Someday maybe you can wear big girl clothes.”

Over the next half an hour, Brittany and the sales lady kept up a banter and constantly asked Melissa for her opinion on the adult clothing. Melissa was losing touch with reality. She could not understand how she got where she was today.

As Brittany was trying different items on she pointed to one of the suits and inquired, “What if I wanted to get a matching skirt suit like that for my little girl?”

The sales lady looked at Melissa and laughed. “You know there are some adult women not much bigger than your little girl. I’ll let you in on a little secret. We buy skirt suits from some specialty children’s lines and then we replace the labels with designer labels from returned items. Then we convince the ladies the items are special designer one offs and raise the price. Frankly, we make a ton of money on them. They should just learn to shop in the children’s department. They would save a fortune on their clothes. There is this one real estate lady, she is one of my best customers. She wears the same clothes as my niece wears for maybe 6 to 10 times the price. I often what that woman would look like in a school uniform like your little girl. I just shake my head.”

Brittany and the sales lady were laughing so hard, Brittany was in tears and holding her belly. Melissa was in tears as she realized that this woman she thought was a friend had been cheating her and selling her children’s clothing. Melissa was suddenly aware that even when professionally dressed, she was dressed in little kid’s clothes. The drain of self-confidence continued in the back of her mind. Melissa felt that she was losing touch with too many parts of her real life. Maybe she didn’t even know what her real life was.

Soon enough, Brittany had purchased a new suit and two blouses. Brittany took the hand of the totally disheartened Melissa and they walked out the door. They walked into a few more stores and Melissa paid little if any attention to where they were or what Brittany was looking at.

Suddenly, Brittany was holding something up against Melissa. It was a dress. Melissa looked around the store like she had awakened from a dream. The shop was full of lace and ruffles, silk and petticoats. The store seemed to sell mostly dresses. But the dresses seemed awfully young to Melissa.

Brittany was holding several dresses in her hands and holding each up to Melissa. Moments later, Brittany pulled Melissa into a dressing room and was pulling her school uniform over her head. Melissa started to fight her off before Brittany glared at her and said in a very firm voice, “Knock it off. You are trying on a couple of dresses.”

Resigned to her fate, Melissa allowed Brittany to pull address over her head. Brittany fussed with the hem and sleeves. She looked at it and then started taking it off.

Melissa asked, “Don’t I get to look at it?”

Brittany said, “Honey, little girls don’t know what looks good on them. I’ll find the perfect dress for you and then we will all look at it together.”

After three more dresses, Brittany had her choice. They went back to one of the earlier dresses. It was made of satin and had lace and ruffles. The skirt of the dress seemed to begin at a little under the arms and flared out to the bottom. The bottom of the dress seemed a little short to Melissa.

Brittany took her out to see herself in the mirrors. Melissa stood staring at herself in the mirrors. Although the dress fit her perfectly, it was of a design more common on small toddlers. The dress took more years away from Melissa that at this point she could not afford to lose. She thought she looked like a 5 or 6 year old in the dress. She remembered having Mary wear something similar when she was 3 or 4 years old. Mary was just getting out of diapers at the time. The dress had come with a special matching pair of bloomers covered in lace designed to cover up bulky diapers. The thought made Melissa shiver.

Brittany was clearly pleased and guided Melissa back into the dressing room where she was redressed in her school uniform. Melissa was slightly disarmed by the relief she felt putting on her school uniform. It felt too right.

Chapter 45

Brittany escorted Melissa to one of Melissa’s favorite restaurants at the end of the mall.  On a couple of their outings for showings, the pair had stopped for lunch. Melissa balked, “Please, everyone knows me there. Can’t we go somewhere else?”

Brittany just pulled her along. At the hostess stand, Brittany requested a table in the area Melissa preferred and all but dragged poor Melissa to a booth. As they were sitting down, Brittany asked, “Do you want a booster chair honey?”

Having bundled up her emotions and her embarrassment in the stores, the question was like a light switch that released Melissa’s pent up energy. “Are you a total idiot? Have you lost your mind? Brittany, what game are we playing here?” Melissa hissed with fire in her eyes.

The closest tables were not occupied and anyone who noticed the pair saw a young mother with a disgruntled child who was clearly grumpy. No one heard the words, except of course, Brittany.

Brittany slid into her side of the booth shaking her head. In an unwavering forceful tone she demanded, “Sit down little girl and don’t say another word.”

Gathering all her frustration, Melissa had a hard look on her face and her hands on her hips. However, the stare into her eyes as Brittany made her demand caused her inner strength to falter. Melissa looked like any petulant child arguing with an adult. Of course, most children were in school today. Melissa thought she was taking control of the situation when she yelled at Brittany. But as the seconds tripped by, her self-confidence which had been under attack for weeks, faltered again and she found herself trying to maintain her stare while succumbing to the demand and seating herself opposite Brittany.

As the two of them stared at each other, a server who often served the pair appeared. “How are you ladies today? I can start you off with some drinks. What can I get you?”

Before Melissa could utter a sound, Brittany said, “I’ll have an iced tea with lemon and little Melissa will have some pink lemonade.”

Smiling, the server handed Brittany a menu and reached into her apron to grab something. She placed a white sheet of paper with pictures of princesses and dragons printed on it along with a set of crayons in front of Melissa. In a syrupy voice she informed Melissa, “Honey, your choices are here in the corner. And if you need some special colors, you let me know when I get the drinks. I’ll see if I can find you a nice bright pink.”

Ready to explode, Melissa was cut off by Brittany, “Little Melissa, thank the nice lady and you mind your manners.” The direction was clear. Melissa felt an inner fear of what Brittany might do. Somewhere in her gut, a fear and an uneasiness seemed to boil. In that moment, Melissa ceded some level of authority and control to Brittany. It felt like she lost something as she looked towards the waitress, “Thank you.”

Brittany saw the defeat as something in Melissa gave in before Melissa offered her thanks. Brittany needed to maintain and define this relationship.

Once the waitress had departed, Brittany maintained her gaze on Melissa. “Melissa, what grade are you in?”

Without even thinking and in a voice that suggested it was the stupidest question she had ever heard, Melissa barked, “Fourth grade. How could you forget that?”

Smiling Brittany said, “Oh yes, what was I thinking?” But inside she was thrilled at how Melissa had answered. There was no hesitation and she declared it like there was no question. Melissa could not figure out how Brittany did not know she was in fourth grade. Brittany wondered where the woman who had dominated the real estate office had gone to hide.

Brittany said, “I think you should have the chicken fingers with French fries. All little girls in your grade love chicken fingers.”

“I love their salads. Can’t I have a salad?” The whiney pleading reminiscent of all the children Brittany had babysat over the years.

“No honey. Today, you will order off of the children’s menu. I think the chicken fingers are best. Now I have to look something up on my phone. Why don’t you spend a few minutes coloring in your princess?”

Looking at her phone, Brittany could feel Melissa looking at her. But the stare did not have the intensity or the dominant inner strength it held even a few minutes ago. Some part of that fire was now extinguished. “Melissa, color your picture.”

Melissa looked down at the children’s menu and reluctantly picked up one of the crayons. By the time drinks arrived, Melissa was carefully filling in sections of the picture. The waitress delivered several more colors including a vibrant pink along with her lemonade.

The telephone camera caught Melissa perfectly. Brittany had begun documenting her little girl in everyday situations.

When the food arrived, the waitress pulled out a disposable bib and asked Brittany if she wanted something to protect her daughter’s school uniform. Thrilled, Brittany nodded. Melissa tried to say something. But the stare from Brittany and the cheery waitress tying the childish bid around her neck distracted her for too long. The waitress was gone and Melissa was staring at her chicken fingers and fries. “Eat your lunch and use your napkin,” she was told by Brittany.

The salad was scrumptious and it was all the better as she watched her young charge nibbling her chicken fingers and dipping French fries in ketchup.

The duo stopped by the ladies room as they left the restaurant. 

Chapter 46

After lunch, Brittany stopped at her friend Tammy’s salon. Melissa had a bad feeling. After helping Melissa out of her car seat, Brittany led Melissa into the salon. Brittany sat Melissa down in a chair and went to talk to the receptionist.

The smells of a salon had always given Melissa a certain sense of comfort. She loved to pamper herself. Leafing through a magazine, Melissa noted several styles she might like to try. She was interrupted by Brittany’s friend Tammy. Tammy smiled and Melissa felt real fear. She tried to pull away.

“Melissa, you remember Tammy. She is just going to wash your hair for you and make sure everything is looking good. Now don’t be difficult.”

Melissa reluctantly followed Tammy to a chair. Tammy reclined the chair and began a useless banter about the weather to distract Melissa. Melissa loved getting her hair washed in a salon. She tried to relax and forget her situation.

“What grade are you in?” Tammy asked.

“Fourth grade.” Melissa answered easily.

“What is your homeroom teacher’s name?”

“Miss Thompson.” The questions were easy and Melissa was enjoying the head massage.

“Is she pretty?”

“Oh yes. Miss Thompson is very pretty. And she dresses very nice.” Melissa had no idea how normal her answers were or the ease with which she responded.

“What is your relation to Brittany?”

“She is my guardian. She drives me wherever I need to go.” Melissa didn’t eve n seem to notice how conditioned she had become to answering these questions.

The childish banter continued. Brittany had prompted Tammy to ask several questions and was excited at how easily Melissa had answered and responded.

Tammy was now dying Melissa’s hair. This was a normal procedure and as she became comfortable with Tammy she forgot that she was not directing things. Melissa relaxed and enjoyed her salon experience. Tammy kept her facing away from the mirror.

Soon Melissa’s hair was in curlers and Tammy was putting applying a permanent solution. Melissa realized that Brittany was directing this and that it was out of her control. She decided that fighting it was not working. Later, as the curlers were removed, Tammy snipped here and there.

Tammy told Melissa to close her eyes for a moment. Her forehead hair was combed down her face. She felt the curls tickling her nose. Then she heard the snip-snip as the hair on her face fell away. Her eyes flew open. Tammy had just given her bangs. She hadn’t had bangs in years. On her body frame it was totally the wrong look. She tried to turn to a mirror.

Holding her head, Tammy said, “Hold still for a minute and you are going to look gorgeous.”

Melissa felt tears coming down her cheek. Tammy finished a few more cleanup snips and declared her done. Brittany was smiling from ear to ear. “You are a beautiful little girl.” She declared.

Tammy pulled off the cape and helped Melissa stand up and turn around to see her new look. Staring wide-eyed at the little bright blond haired girl in her school uniform with tight barrel curls all around and baby bangs on her forehead, Melissa realized it would be almost impossible to hide the bangs when dressed in her work clothes. The topper was that the hair color seemed to strip any semblance of adulthood away. It was a color you only seemed to see on juvenile girls and boys. Melissa began to weep.

Brittany and Tammy both uttered “Awe.” Tammy added, “I knew she would look precious. She loves it. Honey, you are going to be a heart stopper.”

The little blond haired school girl was guided to the car where she was loaded in her special car seat. Since she was still crying, Brittany slipped the pacifier into her mouth. Before she closed the door, Brittany jingled the little stuffed animal and Melissa’s old keys, “Look at your little friend and your play car keys. Someday, maybe you can drive a big car.”

Shortly, Melissa was being removed from her car seat. Brittany had to pry the pacifier from her mouth. “It’s a little early so we need to go to the school office.” Melissa seemed unaware of time.

The sniffling little girl was led into the office by her guardian. “Little Melissa got done with her important things early today. So, let me sign her in.”

The secretary was thrilled with Melissa’s new look. All anyone could see in the curly haired little school girl was a child. “Melissa, I love your new hairdo. It makes you look so grown up.” The secretary layered the sarcasm on thick.

Melissa was hardly listening. She was just operating in a stupor. The secretary said, “Luckily the last period is just starting. Since you haven’t been here during this period before, I’ll show you where your history class is.”

Returning to her car, Brittany wondered if Melissa realized that they had never made it in to work. Meanwhile, the secretary took Melissa to her history class. She thought it was a good idea that Melissa attended more of her assigned classes.

“Miss Winston, this is Melissa Martin. She is a special student and is often unable to attend your class. However, she is here today and she will try to be here more often in the future.”

Melissa found an empty seat near Teresa and Jennifer. They were stunned at the conversion of their classmate. They remembered when she was wearing grown up clothes. At this moment she looked more like one of their little sisters.

“Melissa, your hair looks really nice. I wish my mom let me curl my hair like that.” Jennifer was looking at her with a non-threatening smile.

“They cut it and curled it at the salon.” Melissa informed them.

The teacher called everyone’s attention back to her. Melissa tried to follow the class. It was clear that she might have to do some reading to refresh her memory on this section of history. After class the teacher gave her a class study guide, a text book and told her where she should be in the reading. Melissa was way behind her other class mates.

Chapter 47

After school, Mary sat on the bus looking for Brittany’s car.  Several of the younger kids said hello as they walked to the back of the bus. As the doors closed, Mary said to Miss Winters, “Where’s Melissa?”

Shelley smiled at Mary and said, “She already got on. She’s in the back where she usually sits.”

Thinking it weird that she did not see Melissa get on the bus, Mary stewed on the way home. At the bus stop, Mary departed and waited for the other kids to get off. She did not see Melissa and looked up into the bus. She heard “Mary what are you looking for?”

Turning, Mary was stunned to see a blond little girl at her side waiting to leave. She had baby bangs and tight curls. “Oh my god.” Mary reached down and grabbed Melissa’s hand and started for home. Melissa had to almost run to keep up. Mary opened the door and pulled Melissa inside before closing the door and locking it.

“What happened to your hair?”

Melissa started to cry. The whole day came crashing in on her. Mary found herself on the couch holding her mother and comforting her. The problem was, Mary was not thinking of Melissa as her mother. Lately, Mary had slowly been taking on more responsibility as her mother seemed detached. She prepared many of the meals and there was not a lot of preparation. The quality of their eating had gone downhill. Mary found herself thinking of her mother as Melissa. She really almost thought of her as a sister more than a mother. But, she had also tried to stay out of the whole going to school issue. In the last week or so, she had simply started refereeing to her mother as Melissa or used some term of endearment like Honey.

“Melissa, tell me why you got your hair cut like this.” Mary continued to hug her and rub her back while periodically wiping her tears from her face.

Melissa was too embarrassed to explain everything. She told Mary that Brittany and she had run several errands earlier today. They ended up at a salon and Melissa had not been to a salon in a while. Mary knew how much her mother liked to pamper herself once in a while. It was during this part of the conversation that Melissa realized that she never even made it to work today.

“Well,” she explained, “Brittany and Tammy, the stylist, talked to me about a new look. I guess I misunderstood something. By the time I realized what it looked like, it was done. Now I have to wait for it to grow out.” Melissa was desperately afraid to let Mary know how much Brittany was controlling her life. And, she was afraid of what would happen if Brittany thought she was complaining. Therefore, she all but took responsibility for the results.

Mary stared at her. Somehow, she knew this story was a concoction. It was hard to tell what the truth was and what the story was. “Well, little sister, I have to admit, there is no question that you look like a fourth grade student now.”

This just led to another crying fit.

Mary thought about things. Something needed to be done to knock some sense back into her mother. She decided to treat her like the fourth grade girl she seemed to be emulating and take all decision making away from her at home. Eventually Melissa would have to revolt and start acting like an adult. In the meantime, Mary had no respect for how she was acting.

As Melissa stopped crying, Mary led her into the kitchen. She seated her at the table and gave her a glass of milk and two cookies. Busying herself at the sink she watched as Melissa nibbled the cookies and sipped the milk.

“Do you have any homework Melissa?”

Melissa looked up and did not catch herself before the look on her face betrayed the facts. ‘Uh, I need to check.”

My god, Mary thought. She sounds like some kids I babysit for. “Do you or do you not have homework?”

Melissa took a big drink of milk. Swallowing it, she said, “Yes, I have homework in math and history. I have a lot of reading to catch up in history.”

“Then finish your snack and let’s get to it. I want to see real progress before dinner.”

Melissa sucked down the milk and the last of her cookie. Grabbing her book bag, she headed for her room.

Melissa found herself looking at the little girl in her vanity mirror while she worked on her homework. Math was completed quickly and Melissa started reading the history text book. The reading was interesting but very dry.

The frozen pizza, Mary cooked was ready when she went to let Melissa know it was time to eat. At the bedroom door, Mary paused seeing the little girl sitting at an adult vanity reading a history book. It seemed out of place because it looked like a little girl hanging out in mom’s room. Little girls should do their homework in their own room or at their study desk. That is what Mary always did when she was younger.

“Melissa, dinner is ready.”

Chapter 48

Startled, Melissa put her book down on the vanity where it looked totally out of place before heading to the dinner table. During dinner, Mary said, “Melissa, when I was your age, do you remember where I worked on my homework?”

Melissa hardly noticed the familiar way her daughter now addressed her using her first name. “You usually did your homework at the kitchen table or at your desk in your room.”

“Well, remember, I wasn’t in my room back then.”

Melissa stopped chewing and thought. Smiling she seemed to remember, “Of course, you were in your old room. The one we use as the guest room.”

Mary waited a few minutes. “It’s not much of a guest room. It still looks like it did when I was younger. We just have some older clothes stuck in there.”

Melissa agreed and simply nodded and kept eating.

Mary made a decision, “Melissa, from now on, I think it would be best if you did your homework at the desk in the back bedroom. I think the vanity and the mirror are all distractions which will keep you from concentrating on your homework. It sounds like you are behind in history and we need to make sure you are up to date on all your homework. So, after dinner, move all your homework and things to the desk in the back bedroom. We’ll take some time this weekend to clean up the room to make it more usable.”

Melissa was uncomfortable with this, “Mary, why should I have to use that room and desk? I can do what is needed in my own room.”

With a stern look, Mary explained, “Melissa, it has always been the policy in this house that we do our homework and keep up on our studies. You have obviously been a little lax. The rules were, we do our homework at the desk where there are no distractions. The only desk we have which is not in use is in the smaller bedroom. I’m in high school and you are doing fourth grade homework. Therefore, it only makes sense that you do your work at the desk in the smaller bedroom. The decision has been made. Clear the dishes and we will move get your work settled there.”

Mary headed to the back bedroom and cleared things out of the way. The room was kept tidy and there were not a lot of things laying around. The room looked the same as when Mary had changed rooms. The room had started as the nursery and still sported a crib which doubled as a junior bed with the rails down. The changing table and dresser sported a pink juvenile girl’s motif. The white walls had balloons and flowers in pinks and purples and the blue ceiling was decorated with puffy clouds. Mary lived in this room until about 7th grade when she moved to the bigger bedroom and Melissa bought her regular furniture.

Melissa felt herself going along with the move of homework. She was not sure why. Mary’s reasoning seemed to make sense. But, she still felt like she was losing something having to go to the nursery to study.

Continuing her reading, Melissa stopped worrying about where she was doing her homework.

Her reading was interrupted by Mary informing her, “Melissa, it’s time for bed. Put your books away.”

With her books packed away, Melissa cleaned up and donned her childish nightgown. Popping her head into the room, Mary was stunned to see Melissa in the childish nightwear with her new bright blond haircut. She looked like a toddler jumping into mommy’s bed. Mary wondered if she should just force Melissa to sleep in the nursery to get her out of this funk. Decision made, Mary said, “Melissa, I think you need to sleep in your own room tonight.”

Looking at Mary like she was kidding, “Mary, this is my room.”

Approaching the side of the bed, Mary said, “Melissa, what grade are you in?”

The learned response blurt out, “Fourth grade.”

Continuing, Mary asked, “What grade am I in?”

“High school. Why is this important?”

“How would we describe this bedroom if we were selling the house?”

“Obviously, it is the master bedroom.”

“I sleep in the second biggest bedroom, because I am in high school right?”

Melissa agreed, “Yes.”

“Who typically lives in the master bedroom?”

Melissa was getting peeved, “The parents like me.”

Mary now stared at Melissa, “I have decided that since you are in fourth grade and you now look like a fourth grader that you should not be staying in the parent’s room until the parents return. Therefore, you will be staying in your own room. When you are no longer a fourth grader we will evaluate where you will be staying. But, for now, you will be moving to the younger daughter’s room where you do your homework. This weekend, we will move your My Little Pony decorations into your new room.”

Melissa exploded, “Who do you think you are to tell me where I am sleeping?”

Mary giggled at the sight of Melissa with her hands on her hips. The stern face on the face of the little girl in the My Little Pony nightgown was too much. It was impossible to take Melissa seriously.

“Don’t you laugh at me young lady.” Melissa suddenly stepped forward and slapped Mary on her grinning face.

Snatching the hand Melissa had used, Mary sat on the bed and pulled Melissa to her. Before Melissa realized what had happened, she found herself draped over Mary’s lap. Mary had Melissa’s arm wrapped around her back trapping her in this vulnerable position. Mary delivered three or four swats to Melissa before she fully realized the power she now wielded. The tables had been turned. Melissa had put them in this situation and somehow, Mary had expected her to get them out. Instead, Melissa seemed to be regressing into a life which included pretending to be a fourth grade student. Mary unloaded her frustration.

A spanking at the hands of her daughter may have been the single event which sapped much of the remaining adult mindset from Melissa. The tables turned, Melissa found herself regressing to the fourth grade student mind set looking to escape more punishment.

As Melissa cried, she begged, “I’ll be good. I’ll move into the other room.”

This was not actually what Mary had been looking for. Her desire was to force her mother’s personality to the surface. This reaction frustrated Mary all the more and she delivered another 3 swats to her mother’s upturned rear end. “Who is the little girl in this family?”

Between sobs, Melissa said, “I’m the little girl. I’m in fourth grade. I’ll be good. Please stop.”

The quick submission bit into her. More swats were delivered. “What do we call your room?”

“The guest room.” Was the quick answer. Wrong. Two more swats, “That is not what we call that room.”

“The..the nursery. We call it the nursery.”

Smiling to herself, Mary swatted Melissa’s rump with more confidence, “Where does the little sister live in this house?”

Sobbing, “The nursery. I am the little sister and my room is the nursery.”

She stood Melissa up, “Let’s take your school uniforms to your new room. Then it is time for you to go to bed. From now on, you have to ask me to come into the master bedroom. Do you understand?”

Melissa was trying to wipe her tears and nodded, “I understand.”

The two girls carried Melissa’s school uniforms down to the new room. Childish dresses were pushed to the side to make room for the uniforms. No other outer clothes were moved to the room. Mary returned a moment or two later and opened a dresser drawer. School uniform underwear was placed in the drawer alongside thick cotton training underwear for when toddlers are learning to stop wearing diapers. Seeing them together in the master bedroom, Mary had grabbed the white bras from Melissa’s drawer and placed them alongside her underwear. It occurred to her that she never wore bras when she lived in this room. Therefore, the combination of items in the drawer seemed incongruous.

Turning, she saw Melissa was just standing there.

Mary pushed her towards the junior bed. Melissa climbed in and Mary helped get her tucked in. Mary handed her Rainbow Dash. The bed was not as spacious as her bed in the master bedroom. However, her self-image was further eroded by the fact that she easily fit into the bed with room to spare.

Mary turned on the princess night light and turned off the light as she left the room.

In the hazy darkness, Melissa wondered how she had sunk so far. Sleeping in the nursery and now, even her daughter was spanking her. When was life going to return to normal? Whimpering and crying as she evaluated how far she had fallen, Melissa finally drifted off into an uneasy sleep.


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